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posterior tibular

Posted by phyllis a on 4/07/04 at 19:42 (148558)

i have been having pain in my right foot for the past 7 months. i have been
seeing a podiatrist who recently ordered a mri. the mri shows fluid in
the foot area near my arch,however the pain raidates up into the ankle area. i can turn my foot outward with no problem but when i bring it inward
the pain literally makes me want to cry. i feel as though my foot could be
broken and reset if it would just help ease this pain.the doctor says that
it is posterior tibular disfunction. please what is making my foot and ankle hurt so bad. i have been in a air cast, cam walker, taken steriod
pills, arthritic medicines yet no relief. please help.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: posterior tibular

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/10/04 at 11:34 (148648)

Much of the treatment depends on the stage of TPD you are in. Ask your doc that question. A Ritchie brace may be needed.