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Plantar fasciitis or entrapped nerve

Posted by Margaret G on 4/08/04 at 02:24 (148576)

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis nearly 2 years ago and have had many treatments including physiotherapy with ultrasound and myofascial release, stretching, various antiinflammitories, night splint,ESWT, cortisone. I have been on disability much of the time because I cannot stand and walk enough without causing too much pain. A podiatrist believes I have inferior calcaneal nerve entrapment and wants to operate. Is this nerve the same thing as the lateral plantar nerve? Can the Pressure-Sensitive Sensory Device accurately test for this nerve entrapment? Would surgery likely be successful?

Re: Plantar fasciitis or entrapped nerve

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/10/04 at 11:27 (148644)

Obtain a nerve conduction velocity test and a second opinion.