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2nd surgery tomorrow

Posted by Paula P on 4/08/04 at 19:52 (148601)

Tomorrow is surgery day. I am having my second operation on my right foot for TTS and now plantar fasciitis. I am praying it works this time.

Re: 2nd surgery tomorrow

JudyB on 4/08/04 at 21:47 (148608)

Have you tried ESWT?

Re: 2nd surgery tomorrow

Christine S on 4/09/04 at 00:19 (148612)

How did your surgery go? I have had both of my feet done this last summer and october. Did your first surgery work? I have only improved about 10 percent. I don't know what to do now. I am only 8 months post op on the right and 6 months on the left. It's funny though because they feel the same. Good luck and I am anxious to hear from you. Chris

Re: 2nd surgery tomorrow

marie on 4/10/04 at 20:49 (148676)

Hope this message finds you feeling well and recovering!

best wishes marie

Re: 2nd surgery tomorrow

Paula P on 4/11/04 at 13:42 (148693)

Christine, I had my first tts surgery on my right foot 4/2000 within one year the pain was worse than ever, I tried medication again cortisone shots, physical therapy, pain managment, nothing worked. So on friday I ad my 2nd sugery for tts plus plantar fasciitis. The doctor said everything went really well he cleaned up my scar tissue from my first surgery and to tell you the truth I feel better this time around than after my 1st surgery. I guess only time will tell. I need to have surgery done on my left foot but I will wait it out and see how I feel. What has your doctor told you have not improved that much. Hope to hear from you

Re: 2nd surgery tomorrow

Paula P on 4/11/04 at 13:43 (148695)

thanks marie