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Attn: Postal Employees

Posted by Mailman on 4/10/04 at 01:50 (148634)

I have opened a hotmail account to answer DOL, OWCP, USPS questions. As most of you have found out, not very many people know how to deal with these people. I have had more than my share of experiences. I don't want others to have to cut through all the red tape that I did. No one in my district was at all knowledgeable. None of my supervisors, managers, or fellow employees. As my 'injury' is an occupational disease, it was not cut and dry as in 'traumatic injury' My current state of care is 1000 times better than I received in the beginning. So many delays, red tape, and uninformed caseworkers. I hope I can help you get the care you deserve in an expedient manner.

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Re: Attn: Postal Employees

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/10/04 at 11:46 (148653)

I have seen a number of postal employees with this problem. Not only are you standing for long hours but often pushing heavy carts. OWCP MUST recognize PF as an occupational hazard in my opinion!