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Post tib tendon injury help?

Posted by cherylI on 4/10/04 at 12:36 (148657)

Early fall last year I injured my rt foot through a combination of running, jumping and hiking - thought it was a sprain or strain and just taped it and soldiered on. By Jan it was not better so went to Dr. (Pod) who diagnosed Post tib tendon injury(did not do MRI).
I am walking again after 4 weeks in a removable cast and 3 in a hard cast (cast off 2.5
weeks ago). Though the pain level is much diminished, the foot is still tender, the area around the interior ankle bone swells after any standing or walking, and there seems to be some lumy scar tissue on my achilles tendon. I also apparently strained my calf muscle who in the walking cast -this is affecting my gait. btw-I do not have the classic low arch, progressive flat foot but have very flexible feet with med to high arches and am also not overweight or sedentary.
Should I request an MRI on my recheck visit or PT ? How long should I expect to have
problems with this injury? I am a little concerned that the pain and swelling have spread up to fully involve my ankle.

any advice?