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Insurance for Ossatron treatment

Posted by Sue S. on 4/10/04 at 21:57 (148680)

I have been trying to appeal a recent Blue Cross decision to deny me benefits for the Osatron treatment. I am told by them it is experimental, controversal and unproven. How can I build a case to get approval?

Sue of the hurting heels

Re: Insurance for Ossatron treatment

Dr. Z on 4/11/04 at 03:19 (148683)

Hi Sue
Which Blue Shield Company are we talking about? Do you have the denial in writing.? Is your plan covered under Erista. What this means is does your employer have a master health plan that lists what is covered and what isn't covered. Find out from your employer if they have an actual health master health plan? I am telling you now you can fight this and it will take a very long time. This won't help your foot. IF the dornier is available in your area you can received ESWT at a much lower fee in most cases.