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My foot

Posted by Carol E on 4/11/04 at 11:39 (148688)

I have been told through having an xray on my foot that I have Plantar Fasciitis and it is in the instep of my foot that is swollen and very sore ,I am taking Celebrex imflamitory drug the Dr.said I also have Disk space in my neck and a swelling in the neck is causing a pinched nerve somewhere between the disk space in the neck and that is why he gave me these drugs to start with but now i am working on cement all day at work and doing alot of walking on the cement but do not want to stop working but my foot hurts at the instep so I was wondering what my next step would be ???

Re: My foot

Dr. Z on 4/11/04 at 21:11 (148717)

Rest, May need a cast boot or cast to rest the foot. If work is aggravating he foot pain-swelling then it is time to stop working or to at leasat switch to limited work duty if possible