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Strassburg Sock

Posted by Elyse B on 4/12/04 at 09:58 (148742)

I posted earlier about night splints and was wondering if anyone heard of getting sesamoiditis from the Strassburg sock. I still have not ordered mine. Starting with orthotics first which are killing my arches but need to break them in longer I suppose (podiatrist says so).

Re: Strassburg Sock

James C. on 4/12/04 at 20:44 (148791)

I tried the Strassburg socks on both feet and the only problem I had was the cramping in my toes after about 1-2 hours of having them on. I am not sure what sesamoiditis is. I have tried the night splint as well and I guess my pf and tt was to far advanced for them to help me.I finally had to go under the knife after I tried EWST and all other conservative measures,orthotics(3 different types),cortizone injections,etc.I have talked to several people who said their orthtics worked for them.
James C

Re: Strassburg Sock

Carlos N. on 4/13/04 at 12:54 (148810)


Wow, you've been suffering. How do you feel or what's your pain like now post-operation? How long had you had PF and TT before the surgery? I'm going for my second pair of custom made orthotics.


Re: Strassburg Sock

Elyse B on 4/13/04 at 12:59 (148812)

I have not had any surgery and have only had this about one month.

Re: Strassburg Sock

Carlos N. on 4/13/04 at 19:01 (148828)


I use the Strassburg sock. I like it and I feel it contributes to my recovery. However, I still need lots of stretching and strengthening exercises. You may find stretching to be beneficial, too. Then your orthotics may feel better.


Re: Strassburg Sock

Elyse B on 4/14/04 at 07:32 (148847)

Carlos did you have any trouble figuring out how to use the sock? I have heard from other people that it pulls the toes etc. and does not stay in place. I am trying to stretch but am not very good at it. Are you able to keep the sock on all night?

Re: Strassburg Sock

Buck T. on 4/14/04 at 09:37 (148857)

Hi Elyse: Many are happy with the sock but it pulled my big toe back and that irriatated my pf. I like the one on this web site, called nice and easy I think.


Re: Strassburg Sock

Mark S on 4/14/04 at 19:03 (148910)

Everyone - here's a trick that made my SS experience much easier and comfortable: I first put on a Teva sandal - and then put the SS over it.

This allows my foot to rest on a rigid slab and keeps my toes in roomy comfort.

I THINK I'm still getting all the stretch benefit from it.

Re: Strassburg Sock

Annette on 4/14/04 at 20:17 (148916)

I use the strassburg sock every night, I like it much better than a night
splint, and it works just as good. At first I had a problem with it pulling my toes back until I
I placed an old stiff orthotic in the foot area and since then It has been working great! I dont think that I will ever go back to my old night
splints, (they are just too uncomfortable) ($ 170.00 worth) and the sock cost only $20.00! Also it is simple
to figure out.
good luck.

Re: Strassburg Sock

Elyse B on 4/15/04 at 07:04 (148941)

yes but how does that pull the toes back if they are flat on the sandal?

Re: Strassburg Sock

David S. on 4/30/04 at 23:01 (149867)

Hello, my name is Dave Strassburg and I am national director of medical sales for the Strassburg Sock. I have often visited Scott's site (and a great one it is!) to see what people are saying about our product. I would just like to clarify a couple of points as there seems to be some confusion about how the Strassburg Sock works. The Strassburg Sock was the subject of an INDEPENDENT study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, the SECOND LARGEST study ever to evaluate the effectiveness of a night splint. What makes the sock different is that it is designed NOT to concentrate on the ankle as with other night splints but it dorsiflexes the toes engaging the all important windlass mechanism. This is the only way to allow the plantar fasciia to heal at its full anatomic length.(Try it yourself, bend back your toes while feeling the bottom of your foot. That band that you feel when you bend your toes back is the plantar fasciia being stretched beyond what is done by traditional night splints.) Some people have mentioned toe discomfort which can happen if not properly applied. However, in the independent clinical study of 160 patients, everyone who used the Strassburg Sock was able to comfortably wear it as prescribed. I invite anyone interested in reading the Editorial on our product published in RUNNER'S WORLD magazine to visit http://www.THESOCK.COM as well as a list locations where you can go see a Strassburg Sock for yourself. While no one treatment is perfect for everyone, the Strassburg Sock when used properly has been proven to be a safe,highly effective,and cost-effective means to help patients recover from this nagging injury.Just as there can be many causes of plantar fasciitis, there are many solutions as well. I sincerely hope that everyone on this board finds the solution that works for them! Dave =)

Re: Strassburg Sock

Pauline on 5/01/04 at 13:45 (149874)

Are there instructions that come with your product and how does one achieve comfortable wear? What type of adjustments are there for this purpose?

Re: Strassburg Sock

David S. on 5/01/04 at 23:58 (149899)

Yes. Detailed instructions are included with the product and they are also posted on our website at http://www.thesock.com for your review. Dave=)

Re: Strassburg Sock

Elyse B on 5/03/04 at 08:27 (149930)

I used it last night and I think I am doing it right, but it is definitely a little uncomfortable, how do you know you are wearing it correctly?

Re: Strassburg Sock

john h on 5/03/04 at 08:56 (149934)

I tried the Straussberg Sock early on and it turned out to be not nearly as good as the more conventionl night splints. Being all cloth it tended to become loose. It also tended to bend the toes to an extreme position where as a convention night splint bends the entire foot while holding it flat. Another consideration is if you have a bunion or hallux limitus/rigidus this sock is a real no-no because it will cause some real pain as you dorsiflex the big toe up. Some people find success with it. I did not.

Re: Strassburg Sock

john h on 5/03/04 at 09:00 (149935)

David: If the sock is designed to place tension on the fascia by bending the toes then it does it's job. I had hallux limitus so any dosiflex of the great toe caused extreme pain. I also found during the night the sock would lose tension being cloth. The price is right on your product and one has very little to lose by giving it a try.

Re: Strassburg Sock

Elyse B on 5/03/04 at 09:03 (149936)

Last night was my first time trying it. Yes I definitely felt that it bent my toes. What night splint do you recommend as there are tons of them out there.

Re: Strassburg Sock

David S. on 5/03/04 at 23:50 (149978)

Elyse and John:
Here's how I like to explain how to put the Strassburg sock on for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

1) Pull the sock up over your calf and attach the velcro strap around your leg above your upper calf and just below the knee with the D ring centered. If when you pull the sock all the way up it extends above your knee, just grasp the sock in the area about mid-way up your calf and pull it down so that it bunches up in the mid-calf area. The strap around your upper leg should be snug, but not too tight as it's true function is just to center the D-ring and provide a base for support.

2) While sitting on the side of your bed or on a chair, position your foot flat on the floor with your ankle at a 90 degree angle.

3) Slide the strap attached to the toe of the sock up through D ring and pull your toes up off the floor ONLY ABOUT 1 INCH. This is the main mistake people make while putting on the sock. If you watch what happens to the position of your toes as you go from foot flat on the floor to up on the bed you will see that when you put your foot up on the bed, the amount of toe dorsiflexion is increased so WHATEVER DORSIFLEXION YOU APPLY WITH YOUR FOOT ON THE FLOOR IS MAGNIFIED WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR LEG FLAT OUT IN FRONT OF YOU.

4) If the sock is still uncomfortable, try relaxing the tension on the toe strap just a little bit. When you find that position that is comfortable place a pen mark on the strap and on the cloth next to it so that you can find that comfortable position each night by lining up the 2 marks. Another suggestion that has been mentioned is to wear a regular sock underneath the strassburg sock as this will provide a little more padding while you get used to it.

5) Many doctors are advising their patients to begin using the Strassburg Sock in the evening if they're sitting on the couch watching T.V or reading a book. If you do this for 2-3 hours then combine this with 6-8 hours of use while sleeping you get a net of 8-12 hours with your plantar fasciia being stretched and healing at it's maximal length.

6) While walking the plantar fasciia is maximally stretched when you are in the toe-off position with all your weight on your one foot. Here your toes are dorsiflexed as you get ready to plant the heel of your other foot on the ground and continue walking. In this position the ankle is actually PLANTARFLEXED while the toes are dorsiflexed. This is what makes the sock so radically different from traditional night splints. The focus of treatment of plantar fasciitis as stated by Dr. Barry in his research study is to address abnormal pronation and set the damaged ligament (plantar fasciia) at its anatomic length. And the best way to set the fasciia at it's anatomic length in not by dorsiflexing the ankle but by applying a small (ie comfortable) amount of dorsiflexion not to the entire lower leg as with most night splints, but just to the toes where all the work is done. Sorry to be so long-winded but I hope this helps. Dave

Re: Strassburg Sock

David S. on 5/04/04 at 00:07 (149979)

One more thing in relation to John's question about the sock falling down because it's cloth. I don't know how long ago he tried it but it used the be constructed of a cotton-based fabric. That has been changed to a synthetic fiber which is similar to a surgical stocking. Believe it or not they do not fall down and your husband/wife will much appreciate not being kicked in the shin by your hard plastic night splint. There's a great high-rez picture on the home page of http://www.thesock.com . or you can visit a retail store near you (listed on the website) to check one out firsthand. All Strassburg Socks are handmade and hand inspected and MADE IN THE USA, unlike most other things these days. As my name is on every one that goes out the door I want to be proud of the quality product we provide. Dave

Re: Strassburg Sock

Elyse B on 5/04/04 at 10:09 (149992)

I think mine is working okay and my feet feel better. Thanks David S. for answering and giving such a detailed explanation.

Re: Strassburg Sock

Pauline on 5/04/04 at 11:27 (149997)

Good post. I've never used the Strassburg Sock, but it sounds like a more comfortable item to wear then a night splint and perhaps could substitute for one. I don't know enought about wearing it.

I'm going to print your post and file it. If I ever need to try your product I'll know the best way to use it and think I would purchase one to try before using my night splints again.

Thanks again for the explaination.

Re: Strassburg Sock

RACHAEL T. on 5/04/04 at 11:44 (149998)

I've not ever tried the SOCK, but I really liked your explanation, David - & because of it - I may reconsider trying it.....I am further along since 12/03 ~ & yet, there is a ways to go to be 'more normal!' - (if that is ever achieved by us long term PF'rs!) This may be another try! Thanks for your detailed explanation - the part about stretching the toes (dorsiflexed) while the foot & PF is plantarstretched......makes some sense to me & maybe could be an asset in healing.

Re: Strassburg Sock

KevinH on 5/19/04 at 17:44 (150879)

Thanks David,
I live in Ireland and am considering purchasing SS, have sent emails to your company but so far no reply, can you help eg with a 16.25 inch calf, which size
all the best

Re: Strassburg Sock

Dorothy on 5/19/04 at 23:29 (150891)

Please forgive my intruding into your note to David, but I wanted to let you - and anyone else - know that a company who sells lots of foot care products (shoes, insoles/inserts and lots more) has the Strassburg sock for a good price; maybe it's on sale right now. I don't use the Strassburg sock myself but I have purchased from this company several times and they are very good to do business with, good about returns, etc.
They are an online company so you could use them easily, I presume. They are Footsmart (www.footsmart.com) and you could just do a search for the S. Sock you are looking for. Best wishes.

Re: Strassburg Sock

Dave S. on 5/24/04 at 21:07 (151165)

sorry I could not respond to your question about sizing right away but I have been in California at a medical convention. If your calf size is 16.25in around I would recommend just purchasing a regular size sock. Dave

Re: Strassburg Sock

Dave S. on 5/24/04 at 21:28 (151167)

Yes, you can currently purchase the Strassburg Sock through through footsmart.com however the shipping and handling is a bit steep $8 and shipping time is 6-10 days. We recommend rather than purchasing the Strassburg Sock through them (or us) that you visit one of the many local retailers nationwide who carry the Sock. They are listed on our site at http://www.thesock.com/thesock_retail_locations.html . The price tends to be about $30 to $35 dollars and you can start using it ASAP. Many of the stores that we are available in are small locally owned Running/Walking specialty stores that not only carry the Strassburg Sock, also have a trained staff to help you pick the right type of shoe through providing a gait analysis. You can go to a big chain store or mall and pick out a shoe because you like the way it looks, but trust me, take the time to go visit one of them and get a pair of shoes that fits you for the right reasons and your feet'll thank you! Dave

Re: Strassburg Sock

Dorothy on 5/24/04 at 22:23 (151170)

Are you talkin' to ME? Did I ask about the Strassbug Sock? Maybe someone did and was asking about where to get one and I referred them to footsmart.com. I have no idea otherwise why you are telling me these things. I'm sure your information is fine and will be useful to someone who is looking for it. Just for the record, I shop in small locally owned stores, in the 'Marts' and online - and I think all are fine and satisfactory in their own ways. Depends on your 'small, locally owned store' - sometimes they're overrated just for being small and local. WalMart used to be small and local in Arkansas and seems like the small and local folks for the most part would not slap ya if you offered them the opportunity to be big and global. Footsmart is one pretty good online company for foot stuff and good about returns. But hey, on behalf of all the Dorothys here: thanks. I prefer small and local if they're good.

Re: Strassburg Sock

Pauline on 5/25/04 at 09:40 (151182)

I heard through the grapevine it's good for head hives:* Just had to throw that in. How's the medication working????? Glad you took it?

Re: Strassburg Sock

sherry M on 6/16/07 at 21:43 (231689)

Where did you find this sock for $20.00?

Re: Strassburg Sock

Karen R. on 11/20/07 at 19:24 (239694)

You mentioned you bought a Strassburg sock for $20. Can you tell me where you purchased it for that price? I have only seen them for $35-40 on websites. I would appreciate any information you could offer. Also, how long did it take to improve your plantar fasciitis once you started wearing the sock?

Re: Strassburg Sock

Michael M on 2/05/08 at 19:42 (242829)

Folks, the instructions say NOT to walk while in your Strassburg sock. But, does anyone know if it hurts your foot (or PF!) to just walks a bit, like to the bathroom? It is a pain to take the sock off, then put it back on again for a 40 foot trip.

Thanks and thanks for this great site.

Re: Strassburg Sock

Jill Renuart on 2/11/08 at 17:54 (243086)

So my doctor recommends it for me for achilles tendonitis, not PF. How does it work for that? I've tried the night splints and they are like trying to sleep in ski boots with a lot of pain on the ball of my foot. Jill

Re: Strassburg Sock

Lisa S on 3/08/08 at 17:00 (244289)

Please tell where did you purchase the sock for $20.00?

Re: Strassburg Sock

Bruno on 3/28/08 at 08:58 (245217)

I've tried the sock and I also have experienced toe pain. David, I did relax the tension and still felt some pain, so I really don't know what else I can do.

Maybe the sock isn't for me. I did follow all the instructions and couldn't stand the pain for more than 2 hours. I will try wear another sock underneath.

Thanks anyway for the info.

Re: Strassburg Sock and toe pain

Candace on 8/03/08 at 09:24 (248872)

I found a solution for me at least--the pain in the toes from the Strassburg Sock was from the pressure on the tips of the toes (that isn't bad at first, but as the night went on). I thought about this. Tried cotton wool (bunches up). A rolled up sock (slid away). Looked at idea of a Teva sandal (won't fit). BINGO. I thought, who else has toe issues? Pointe dancers. Went online and looked at a favorite pad that ballet dancers use--Bunheads original ouch pouch ($22). Bought it--is a gel pouch that fits over the toes and stays on (not too hot) and WAS FABULOUS. No pain in toes. And, though early days--I too think the sock is finally beginning to help. That and ibuprofen cream that my husband uses to massage, and work out the tight plantar fasciitis area. TRY anything that works.

Re: Strassburg Sock

julie d on 9/12/08 at 23:53 (250137)

Where did you find the Strassburg Sock for $20 - I really would like to try one. My night splint is not working for me.

Thank you

Re: Strassburg Sock

Bob on 6/01/09 at 01:27 (257854)

I am a volunteer fireman, and there are times when I am Paged out for a fire or an accident, at night when I am asleep. The pager goes off, I jump up, and almost hit the floor my heel hurts so bad. It pain makes me very late at times. I bought the SS about 2 weeks ago, and maybe I haven't been wearing it long enough for long term help, but when I am wearing it and I get paged out, I can jump up and go. It is making a difference! My heel is still sore, but at least it can function when I need it to. I just hope it gives me long term relief. Thank You !!!

Re: Strassburg Sock

Sherry P on 10/12/09 at 10:49 (261241)

I have been wearing the Strassburg socks for the past 4 weeks. Most mornings, everything is fine when I remove the socks (I have bilateral pf). However, some mornings, the pain in my right big toe is so severe for several minutes after removing the sock, that I can barely stand it. What is happening? Am I placing too much tension on the strap when putting the sock on at night? I don't ever get toe pain in my left foot - although the pf is worse in my right foot. Thank you for any help you can give me.