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tarcel tunnel syndrome surgery

Posted by mary l on 4/12/04 at 17:59 (148779)

Hi. I am new to this site. I had tts surgery 3 weeks ago. The doctor said he found nerves compressed. I did not move from the couch for 1 week. The doctor then gave me a boot to wear. I could walk with this on with very little pain in a couple days. A couple days after that I could put weight on my foot without the boot. From the litature and info on this site I feel that I may have overdone it. I still have numbness and pain at night. There still is swelling around the incision so I am sure that is pressing on the nerve. Should I keep my foot elevated? Stay off of it more? Is it really a 3-4 month recovery? In my job I stand all the time and did not want to take that much time off work. Would love any imput you could give me. Thanks

Mary L.

Re: tarcel tunnel syndrome surgery

Mark T on 4/12/04 at 18:41 (148781)

My Pod didn't allow me to put any weight on my foot until after the 7th week. Mostly because the stitches were slow healing. I had to work my way up each week on just how much weight I could place on my foot. Around the 10th week, I was back to work. Around the 8th month, I started noticing a difference. It takes a long time for this to heal.

I was told by my Pod to keep my foot elevated at all times. Ice down the foot if it starts to swell.

Re: tarcel tunnel syndrome surgery

James C. on 4/12/04 at 20:26 (148790)

My pod had me to stay off of my foot for 4 weeks. After that I got my walking boot and started very little weight bearing.It has now been about 10 weeks and I still cannot walk very far. I can only stand for about 10-20 minutes in one place and then I'm hurting bad for the rest of the day. I have seen on this sight where several people have gotten better much quicker. I hope you are one of them I wish you the best of luck.I had tt surgery as well as pf release in my left foot.I have it also in my right foot and I have changed to an orthopedic surgen for my next foot.

Re: tarcel tunnel syndrome surgery

Mike on 4/13/04 at 00:39 (148800)

You really need to ask your Dr and follow his directions to a T. Seems there are several different opinions here and each Dr will have their own methods. My Dr had me walk out of the hospital the same day and I was to make sure I moved around and walk on it every couple hours with about 50% pressure on it. One thing is for sure - keep it up above your heart as much as possible!

I understand about the work thing but is it possible to arrange your working position so that you can keep your foot up? Might need to consider taking more time off work. Its just a fact that this type of surgery has a long recovery period and you should be prepared to give it all the time it needs.

Good Luck!

Re: tarcel tunnel syndrome surgery

Robin S. on 9/06/07 at 22:48 (235618)

Am scheduled for surgery on the left foot on monday for tarcel tunnel and a nueroma. I wasn't aware that this was such a huge surgery and scheduled the other foot for the same on the fifth of Oct. Wondering if I should just do the neuroma for now. I don't want to be down that long. The tarcel tunnel now doesn't cause pain like the nueroma but does cause me to stumble and fall down.
Robin S.

Re: tarcel tunnel syndrome surgery

Kioshi on 11/10/08 at 23:11 (252111)

Im getting ready to have tts on friday i just want to know how long will recovery last this is my second foot surgery in a year