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achilles injury

Posted by john h on 4/12/04 at 19:27 (148787)

Was playing basketball when someone dove into me and landed on the back of my leg. No pain when I stood up but when I put pressure on my right leg it felt like I was standing in a hole. Have had a lot of injuries but nothing like this. Doing the icing routine, any other advice?

Re: achilles injury

Mike W on 4/13/04 at 11:30 (148806)

Hello John,

Do you still have your Foot Trainer?

If so, I could give you a few Foot Trainer exercises for Achilles Tendonitis.


Mike W

Re: achilles injury

Dorothy on 4/13/04 at 11:57 (148808)

To Mike W: As one - probably the primary one, besides yourself, who has recommended Foot Trainers many, many times on this site - I would like to request that you post here for all your Achilles exercises that you offered to John. I am one of the people here who has written about having Achilles tendinitis (or the more logical tendonitis) and I, like some others here, have Foot Trainers. This seems like something that a number of people, in addition to John, would benefit greatly from knowing.
I think the Achilles tend. problems are a big nasty problem.
I just heard yesterday of some major league baseball player who was going to be out for some time because of Achilles tend. problems.
We are all ears and eyes for the Achilles exercises you offered to John.

I actually use the Foot Trainers regularly, although not daily. I am also getting ready to add the Michael Young stretches to my regimen, although I don't know if they are specifically for Achilles tend. issues or not.

I will be looking for your Achilles exercises here and look forward to seeing them.

Re: achilles injury

Mike W on 4/14/04 at 08:43 (148850)

Hello Dorothy,

Thank you for your support.

In your Foot Trainer exercise booklet there are 2 really good Achilles Exercises.

Exercise # 8,and #9.

I would be happy to send you our complete AT exercise booklet if you wish.

Just email me and I will send it to you.


Mike W