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Five weeks and one day after surgery

Posted by Elaine T on 4/13/04 at 14:34 (148815)

Right now I am not very happy. I'm trying to be realistic about all of this, but today I'm having a down day. Since Saturday I've starting having pain again, but different. I guess it's nerve pain. Pain in the area of the surgery, above it, below it, in my foot. A great deal of it is like a stabbing sensation.

The TTS symptoms have not eased up one single bit, and although that's probably normal, I'm just upset about it today.

I'm hesitating to call the doctor for more pain medication, since I don't know it this pain is going to go away in a day or two. Bummer.

Re: Five weeks and one day after surgery

DonnaO on 4/13/04 at 18:08 (148827)

Hi Elaine,
I am sending a big hug and a prayer your way! Has your pain eased up during the day? I would definitely contact your doctor to see if he can offer suggestions on ways to ease the pain. When I started to get more feeling back in my feet, I did have some of the new pain that you referred to that went away with time but everyone is different. Hang in there. I hope you are feeling relief very soon. Take care.

Re: Five weeks and one day after surgery

mary l on 4/13/04 at 19:05 (148829)

It has been 3 weeks since my surgery and I have more pain now than the first week after surgery. I know I must over do it during the day. Does your MD have you off your foot or can you move around. My MD has me moving around. This is so hard because it seems everyone is doing something different and I am so afraid that I am doing something wrong.
my prayers are with us both. Good Luck.

Re: Five weeks and one day after surgery

JudyB on 4/13/04 at 20:47 (148832)

Sorry to hear that. You know sometimes I think it doesn't matter what type of surgery it is, the body just needs a lot of time to adjust.

For example, I had a root canal a while ago, it took almost a 7 weeks for the pain to subside, even though the dentist said within a few days is all it should take.

Re: Five weeks and one day after surgery

Claire on 4/14/04 at 06:28 (148845)

Hi Elaine. Sorry to hear you are having a bad day, i know how you feel, i have good days and bad. I can start weight bearing on Friday but have not been pain free at all since the operation and am still experiencing the same level of pain as before the op. What i try to remind myself is the recovery period for this operation is on average 7 months so we are bound to have good days and bad. You should also bear in mind that you only had the operation five weeks ago so the nerves are bound to still be lively. I know you are probably aware of all these facts but it also makes me feel better writing then down. I hope you are having a better day today and feeling more positve. Stay strong. Take Care.

Re: Five weeks and one day after surgery

chrisb on 4/14/04 at 07:31 (148846)

Elaine having patience is one of the hardest things about this.
My surgeon sent me a few digital photos taken during my surgery. Seeing them helped me realise that surgical instruments, fingers etc were all poking around down there and even just recovering simply from bruising has got to take awhile. Never mind the incision itself, nerves healing etc.
Hang in there.

Re: Five weeks and one day after surgery

Lari S on 4/14/04 at 11:32 (148869)

Do contact your doctor if you are having pain. There is no reason to suffer, and the doc might have some advise for you. I had surgery in Oct 2003, and am still going through the recovery process. Most days are pretty good compared to before surgery, but I still get occasional nerve pain and swelling if I've been on my feet too much. I was icing heavily after cleaning the house, fixing Easter dinner for 12, and cleaning up after. Let us know how you are doing.

Re: Thank you, I have a call in to him

Elaine T on 4/14/04 at 12:30 (148872)

If this is normal, I just wish I would have been told this would happen. I seem to get the best information from this board!

Re: Doctor wants to see me

Elaine T on 4/14/04 at 18:20 (148901)

I don't have a car tomorrow, so I can't get in until Friday morning. In the meantime, he's refilling my Darvocet. Excuse me, but, crap!!

Re: Five weeks and one day after surgery

Paula P on 4/15/04 at 11:25 (148961)

Elaine hugs and prayers to you. I hope you start feeling much better