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Don't know if I'll do this again

Posted by Terri on 4/13/04 at 21:34 (148833)

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted but I've been following the conversations here. Sure seems like our postal carriers have a lot a crap to put up with...makes me appreciate all of you even more, thanks for a job well done!

Well, it's been 3 1/2 months since surgery and I'm seriously debating on having the other foot done. My dr wanted it done this month but he was booked solid, I have 2 employees on vacation in May, so that month is out. Gave me some time to really think on this and to determine if it's worth it. I've decided to wait until a year has gone by and see if the operation has really given me some relief, or if it's all in my head...wishful thinking maybe???, that some symptoms have subsided. I took myself off the neurontin completely for one week and tested myself at the grocery. I did find I was able to walk for a whole hour and not be in total misery, which was a major improvement, but I can't honestly say it was a result of the surgery or the fitness program I started last month. Anyway, the pain that did occur was equal in both feet, big disappointment there, and as usual I was done in for the rest of the day. No cramping though. That was and is a nice surprise. What I can't figure out is the non-operated (left) foot isn't cramping anymore. Someone else here posted about that happening with them too, can't remember who it was, but I'm wondering why it doesn't happen. Regardless, I'll gladly accept it! But, when it was all said and done, I started taking the neurontin again yesterday because I started to feel ice-pick like pains in the heel and ankle. Today was a good day.

I've decided I can live with this if that's what it eventually boils down to and it's not so bad to borrow a wheelchair or electric cart if that's what it takes to spend time out with my family and grandkids. So what if I can't do the park and run with the kids? A lot of perfectly healthy people don't either and their kids/grandkids don't seem to be missing out on quality time because they do OTHER things together. Besides, my almost 4 yr old grandaughter thinks it's a very important job that she has, pushing my wheelchair in the store! And when she gets tired, she gets a ride. :-)

So, I'll let the nerves finish mending and make a final decision in a few months. One thing I'd really like to recommend is getting an exercise program started. That's one of the best things I've done for myself and I use a personal trainer that's also a physical therapist so he takes good care of me. It's not very expensive and the best place to ask about a program is the therapist any of you are using now either pre- or post- surgery. If you're not doing any therapy, ask your dr to recommend someone. See if they have any programs available or can refer you somewhere. My trainer did a full evaluation on me before we even started, worked out a progam that I can do on my own 2-3 days/week, then 1-2 days/week I work with him. My goal is to be in a bikini this summer. Don't need to lose weight but sure do need to find a way to reverse this gravity thing!

Sorry for writing a book here, I guess I saved it all up for a single shot, but I'd like to say I really enjoy being able to come here and follow along with everyone going thru this journey we've been elected to take together. Keep writing, keep your chin up and forge ahead! Eventually we're gonna make it.

Re: Don't know if I'll do this again

marie on 4/14/04 at 20:16 (148915)

Thanks for the update...I was wondering how you were doing. I didn't have surgery...not eligible....but I have put my time in a wheel chair and have an electric cart. I don't need them anymore but if I had alot of walking to do on cement I'd certainly be happy to use one. It's really not that bad...ya' just have to adjust and I must say it's sounds like you're doing just that! Just be careful on those scooters....I got in trouble a few times for going to fast. I like going fast, it's fun!

Take care and don't be a stranger. Keep us posted!

best wishes marie

Re: Don't know if I'll do this again

Margie B on 4/18/04 at 19:57 (149100)

You and I had surgery only one month apart. (mine was 12/5) It seems like I take one step forward and two back. I am dealing with plantar fasciitis pain since my tts surgery and also pain and swelling near the incision.This journey started with PF in summer of 2001.
I feel like you do in that I do NOT want to have surgery on my other foot. The recovery period is long and painful. I am getting new orthotics and my doc thinks they will help the 'non-surgery'foot too. I cut back the Neurontin (with my doc's guidance) to 900 mg. per day. Then, the pain,burning,etc. came back even worse than before! I am now back to taking between 1200=1800mg per day. I think you are wise to give yourself time before deciding on a 2nd surgery. I know I will do the same. Meantime, we live our lives, sitting more than walking,but this is what life has given us right now. I'd like to keep communicating with you as you (and I) heal. May you heal quickly!

Re: Don't know if I'll do this again

Terri on 4/18/04 at 20:48 (149105)


Let me know how the new orthotics work for you. My old ones were hard and I quit wearing them altogether sometime in early March I think.

One thing I'm wondering about, a lot of people, including yourself, have stated they've developed PF after the TTS release surgery. My dr wanted to release the PF (tendon or ligament?) during my surgery for that very reason but I told him no. Why does this happen? I'm starting to think now that I should have agreed with him because the ice pick pain in the heel is new to me and it's becoming more frequent, along with a feeling like there's a rock in the ball of my foot. I swear I hear a 'crunch' sometimes when I place my weight fully on that area. Maybe I should go back to the orthotics??

And 'Hi!' to Marie

Re: Don't know if I'll do this again

Margie B on 4/22/04 at 09:39 (149347)

I've been wearing the new orthotics for a week and I think they will be fine. They are thin and the old ones were thick and had a heel. The old ones hurt alot! I'm still having heel pain(plantar fasciitis) In my case I was originally diagnosed with pf in 2001. I developed tarsal tunnel syndrom and was diagnosed in spring 2003. I think there were nerve symptoms all along which were never diagnosed or treated along with the pf. I wish my doc had done the pf release when I did the tts surgery.If you read Lauriel's posts about her orthotics it sounds like it may be worth having them adjusted and trying again for short periods of time each day. Everything I read about pf and tts says orthotics are important to keep the structure of the foot intact. Keep in touch and take care.