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advice after surgery

Posted by Barbara N. on 4/13/04 at 22:24 (148835)

The surgery on my left foot was completed April 7,04.The surgery consist of removing ginglings and FP.There was alot of ginglings and the FP was to thick so it was reduced.and the ginglins removed.I now have a two inch cut on the left side of my foot and a one inch.cut on the right side where the curve of the foot and the beginning of the heel starts.I went to the Dr.today and they will not take out the stiches yet as they said there was to much swelling on top of the foot.I will get them out next week on the 20th.I have had no problem walking on it there is not more pain then I can handle right now.Dr.did take away some of the dressing that was on my foot today and I can feel more of the tenderness in the foot now.I want to go back to work in May at least the first week do you think I should be able to? The Dr.said today I'm doing better then most people do with this surgery.I have not taken any pain medication at all.I can walk for a while on it with no complains.I'm bearing weight on it as tolorated and that is most of the time.