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Best night splints???

Posted by tonniaw on 4/14/04 at 18:55 (148907)

Ok, I am looking at the night splints. I have found adjustable, and dorsal-they go on top of the foot and are supposed to be more comfortable. What ones work the best? Most comfortable?

Re: Best night splints???

Steve G on 4/14/04 at 19:00 (148908)

Difference posters will give you different answers. I like the Strassburg sock; however, some posters say that it bothers their toes. I found the 'nice & stretch' too bulky, but it is a perennial favorite here on the board

Re: Best night splints???

francesc on 4/16/04 at 16:43 (149028)

I used a boot-type night splint for a while but found that it was so uncomfortable for me, I'd take it off half-way thru the night. I got the numb toes, etc.

My latest Podiatrist got me fitted with a 'custom' night splint using the materials you'd use for a cast (as in for broken bones). the tech just molded it to my foot & leg keeping it at a 90 degree angle. however, it let my toes jiggle freely which is what I was missing in the other splint I had. Then, you use Ace bandages to strap it on so it is quite comfortable and not at all bulky. If you can, just envision a half cast on the bottom part of your leg/foot.

I know this might not help you. But, this is, indeed, the best and cheapest night splint I have ever had. :-) And, I sleep with it on all night long.

Re: Best night splints???

Chris I on 4/17/04 at 11:39 (149053)

I use a Bird and Cronin splint. My toes are free and I only had a problem with numb toes when I tightened the straps too much.

Re: Best night splints???

Brad F on 4/20/04 at 11:16 (149221)

I have a barely used night splint for sale. I bought it a month ago but it doesn't do anything for me. Quit using it after 4 or 5 times. My doc says my PF is not traditional. I paid $69 total, including shipping.

Heal Well by Clinitex X-Lg, like new! I tried to sell it on Ebay but there were no takers.

I'll sell it, postage included for $40.