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seeking the doctor's feedback

Posted by Lisa E. on 4/14/04 at 21:00 (148924)

Hi, I recently got a cortisone injection in my foot to treat a recent diagnosis of Bursitis in the ball of my left foot. Although this seems to have reduced somewhat, I am also experiencing severe pain in the form of a 'pins and needles' or 'vibration' on the entire sole of both feet. Nothing seems to be helping. I don't have any ankle pain though. It seems to be only the bottems. Also, Re: corisone injection, does the pain continue to get better with the passing weeks after the injection, or does it get as 'good as it gets' immediately after the injection.
Much thanks, lisa

Re: seeking the doctor's feedback

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/14/04 at 21:35 (148927)

If the enitre bottom of your foot is affected I would obtain an NCV (nerve conduction velocity) test to look for tarsal tunnel syndrome.
Where exactly was the needle placed?

Re: seeking the doctor's feedback

Lisa E. on 4/14/04 at 22:03 (148928)

Thank you for your reply. When I got the injection last week, the needle was placed through the top of my foot, between the first and second toe. I had an MRI which showed Bursitis present in the ball of my foot. That is where a particular type of intense pain was coming from.
As for the other 'pins and needles' type of pain, that recently started and I don't know if it is at all related to the bursitis. Maybe because I was walking funny because of the Bursitis pain, or because my custom orthotics are too hard for me, it might have triggered this new pain syndrome? My POD has suggested laying off the orthotics for a few days to see if that helps, but it is guesswork right now. Thank you for any of your feedback.