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Four weeks post-surgery

Posted by chrisb on 4/15/04 at 10:20 (148951)

Today is exactly 4 weeks since my TTS surgery, so I thought I'd share my progress to date.
I'm not dancing. But since I had my stitches out a week ago I've ditched the walker and have moved back to a house with 3 flights of stairs to the bathroom. I work in a studio office attached to my home, and I find I can work at a computer as long as I don't sit with my foot down for more than 10 minutes. I can drive the car now (freedom!) and I'm getting around the house carefully on 1 cane. I can take a few steps without a cane in the house but I'm restricting this so far. If I go out I take crutches for getting down the street, etc and it is ok putting weight on the foot with the crutch.

Do I think this surgery has fixed the heel pain? I'm telling myself that I won't know until i can walk around the block, and I won't be brave enough to try that for weeks yet. The swelling (which was really painful in the early weeks, even last weekend) is much better -- I'm still keeping my foot up, crossing my legs when I sit etc helps with that although its worse in the evenings. I've been water walking twice this week and that seems to be starting to help the stiffness etc. My foot musculature has lost a lot of muscle tone.
When I'm lying or sitting my foot is not painful, except if there's swelling the incision stings sometimes. Incision I don't mind, its heel pain I'm listening for. Its hard to know what I'm feeling when I weight-bear. A bit painful, but not the same kind of heel pain as I had before surgery. Maybe in fact this is not real pain (the kind that will never get better) but more of a badly bruised discomfort from the surgery (that will heal). How will I be able to tell the difference? Only with time, patience and careful exercise I guess.
So the jury is still out. But I think I can say that so far at least, this is not a bad news story.

Re: Four weeks post-surgery

Elaine T on 4/15/04 at 11:08 (148955)

Chris, seems like we're following about the same patterns. I wouldn't worry about any heel pain right now. I never had heel pain before the surgery, so I know mine is totally surgery-related. If I sit with my foot down, it gets real hot and swells a little, and I have the same stinging in my incision that you mentioned. I think we're both okay, I hope.......