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7 days post op doctors visit

Posted by Paula P on 4/15/04 at 11:24 (148959)

Went to see my doctor today, took the bandages off, only have minimal swelling, rebandaged the foot, had both tts sugery and plantar fasciitis. Still walking with crutches. My pain now is tolerable, dont need any percocet right now. I feel much better after this sugery then I did after my first surgery for tts in 2000. Starting next week, just minimal weight bearing, eventually my doctor wants me to start physical therapy. I really feel this time the surgery will work, it just has to.

Re: 7 days post op doctors visit

Elaine T on 4/15/04 at 12:42 (148966)

You're doing better than I did at seven days! It will work, it will, it will. You're a brave lady.

Re: 7 days post op doctors visit

Lari S on 4/15/04 at 13:32 (148969)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. It sounds like things are going well, so lets hope it continues that way.