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PF; mild, bad, ... opinion?

Posted by EKC on 4/16/04 at 14:55 (149015)

After reading this column for 5+ years now..
Just curious, how the Doc's would rate how bad a patien'ts PF is.
That is, what do you consider a 'mild' case, what symptoms
describe a 'bad' case, and what symptoms describe a 'extremely bad case'

Ive always been curious where I fall. Although I am MUCH better now,
I was taking a wheelchair to shop, do the airport, etc... for 2+ years.
There were a handful of days where I could bareley make it out of the
house. FREQUENT days of kneeling; doing my housework/vaccumming, etc.

Re: PF; mild, bad, ... opinion?

Michael on 4/16/04 at 16:03 (149025)

Hello EKC was or is your pain you experienced felt all the time 24/7 or did you have times of NO pain. For me as you have probably read my pain is all the time only the intensity of the pain changes. You used a wheelchair was that because of the pain? From not walking or walking very little did your legs get weak from not walking? Thanks, Michael

Re: PF; mild, bad, ... opinion?

Ed Davis,DPM on 4/17/04 at 21:06 (149066)

Given a choice, we are not fond of using labels to denote severity, but would rather use labels to relate the manner in which PF does or does not respond to treatment. The term 'recalcitrant PF' is applicable to those cases thst warrant ESWT and used to be surgical cases.

Re: PF; mild, bad, ... opinion?

EKC on 4/19/04 at 07:59 (149120)

When I was off my feet, the pain used to 'linger' but was acceptable. Icing did no good. PUtting my feet in the hottub actually felt good
(and then Id do a short massage). I used a wheelchair because my 'time on my feet' window went from 20 min, to 10 min, to 5 min, to less < 1 min. It was too painful to walk. Standing was worse. I would envision my feet being raw meat and someone taking a knife and slicing into them. Never had literal-heel pain. Could never pin-point any particular area. Just wicked pain along the arches. My legs & ankles ceratainly did weaken from not walking. When I started trying to walk mOre (when the pain subsided ~1 year ago), I really noticed weakness in my ankes. Sometimes, my legs were shakey (becuase of weakness). Swimming kept me sane. THere were days when I couldnt make it to the health club becuase I feared walking across the parking lot. Good news is that the last 12 months I have gotten much better. Funny, I quit going to doctors 12 months ago. I have been up to as much as 25 min on my feet again. Hvae good orthotics, I stretch, and massage. There are days when I want to be off my feet, but I am patient.

Re: PF; mild, bad, ... opinion?

EKC on 4/19/04 at 08:01 (149121)

I heard the doc say 'recalcitrant' many years ago, when I was probably 1 year into it. I had 2 surgeries on one foot, EPF and then Open , and I have inquired about post-surg ESWT and what I gather is that the jury is still out. Anyway, Im doing well now and dont consider ESWT. I'm improving, slowly. But Im headed in the right direction.

Re: PF; mild, bad, ... opinion?

john king on 4/22/04 at 13:30 (149364)

I don't walk that much anymore myself. I go to a gym and use the machines to exercise my legs so the muscles don't get weak. This is a good thing to do anyway because strong leg muscles keep you from falling. This is true especially as you get older.