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To Carlos

Posted by Dorothy on 4/16/04 at 15:47 (149023)

Carlos ~ I just posted a long post to you about SAMe and other matters. I didn't want to add to that long thread and so am adding this comment. I just 'googled' on SAMe and you have to slog through a lot of junk. I did get to http://www.consumerlab.com that way though. You might go there directly, rather than by 'SAMe' and look at their product research. They used to give information to subscribers only so you always had to get their publications at the library, but they are showing the stuff on SAMe for free on their website. You can see the brands that they 'approved' (this was in 2003) and what they say about SAMe, too. For what that's worth, there is.
Ok, I'm done and away again -

Re: To Carlos

Carlos N. on 4/16/04 at 16:08 (149027)


Thanks very much for the information. Also, today I got my new orthotics and they feel pretty good so far. I'm putting a lot of faith in them to relieve much of my pain.