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Saw the surgeon today

Posted by Elaine T on 4/16/04 at 15:56 (149024)

My ankle swelled up real good just for the doctor! He's thinking of injecting the tarsel tunnel with cortisone (eeeks), but for right now my ankle is so swollen and painful that he says he really can't make an appropriate evaluation. He wrapped my ankle and foot with an Ace bandage, having it loose on top, and tight around the foot, said that's to 'push everything up.'

He wants to see me on Monday, and until them I am off of walking, on the couch with foot elevated above my heart, and intermittent ice pack. He said he needs for the swelling to be gone in order for him to evaluate.

Fortunately, he's not worried. He pointed out to me that the amount of arthritis I have shows that I have a tendancy to develop inflammatory processes. Further, although I do not have RSD, the fact that I have a history of it, shows my tendency for sympathetic nervous system problems, and could possibly be causing some of this.

He told me to flop on my couch and rent movies for the weekend!!! Of course, my husband leaves tomorrow for work in Vegas, and I'll be without my favorite nurse.

My person opinion, I think part of this is paying the price for waiting almost five years to have the surgery.

So, I re-hooked up my trusty laptop; husband will go to grocery store and rent me some DVD's. Oh yes, and I've got my Darvocet.

Re: Saw the surgeon today

lauriel on 4/16/04 at 17:42 (149029)

you could have just been on it too much, And I do think having it elevated for the week-end will really help.

interesting comment about arthritis, my mom has ostioarthirits and she sprained her month like 3 months ago - its still swollen and she said it just turned balck and blue again and its just not healing the Dr says it just take time. Sounds fishy to me.

have fun watching movies!


Re: Saw the surgeon today

Lari S on 4/16/04 at 18:55 (149036)

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. We are in the process of tearing out the master bathroom. Had to take today off due to swelling and tenderness. Went down to the major shopping areas to check out what is available in fixtures, whirlpools, sinks, tile, granite, etc. By the third store, I had to break out my handicap parking permit and ride the cart.

Enjoy the movies, keep the foot up and the bags of peas in place!

Re: Saw the surgeon today

JudyB on 4/17/04 at 01:29 (149044)


Do you think if you had the operation earlier you would have had a better outcome?

Re: Good question

Elaine T on 4/17/04 at 13:41 (149055)

My personal feeling is yes. I think that continuing to walk on the defect for almost five years, really made it worse. After having the series of cortisone injections five years ago, the pain was gone, and I decided to live with TTS until it got worse. I should have just had it fixed. The surgeon said he had to do a lot of work in there. Just my opinion

Re: Good question

Karen C. on 4/23/04 at 10:00 (149406)


That's interesting! I've had this foot pain for over 3 years now. Now that I think WAY back. My PCP sent me to a PT for Tarsal Tunnel over 3 years ago. I've had the same PT for over 6 years. (I have osteoarthritis and an inflammatory disease.) I went to a different Physical Therapist than my regular one due to insurance changes.I didn't like him and never went back. Once the next year rolled around, I went back to my regular PT. This time with a diagnosis of PF from my pain management doctor. The PT was able to help me for a little while then the pain came back. Same diagnosis (PF) and back in therapy. This time it didn't help. All along the way I was getting injections in my foot in numerous places. About a month ago my pain doctor referred me to the ortho surgeon. His first diagnosis was TT and did a steroid injection, it did not help at all. Went back 2 weeks later (Monday) and he scheduled the Nerve test. So I guess I've also put this off for quiet some time.

My gutt tells me that I will be better off after surgery. However, I'm scared to death! I had lateral release surgery on my knee (same leg as foot pain) and it took me almost a year to fully recover. My family was chaos! My thoughts are that the recovery time would still be better than the pain and not being able to walk much anyway. At least there would be light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully).

Thanks for listening!