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MD visit today, 3 weeks after surgery

Posted by mary l on 4/16/04 at 20:34 (149040)

Had a MD appointment today, 3 weeks and 2 days after surgery to evaluate if I can go back to work. I stand all day at my job so we decided we should give it another month. Still pain and numbness, wants me to walk without the boot as much as possible. That first step in the morning is a killer. I had carpel tunnel surgery 7/2/03 and then all of a sudden my leg and back starting hurting, thought it was a herniated disc. Finally went back to work after 6 months, worked for 3 1/2 months and now this surgery. Has anyone else had carpel tunnel problems also? Need left hand done next. Be well and thanks for listening.

Re: MD visit today, 3 weeks after surgery

DonnaO on 4/16/04 at 21:29 (149041)

Hi Mary,
I think you are doing the right thing by taking more time off of work to recover. I am an elementary teacher and had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery (both feet) on 2/13/04. I went back to work two weeks after surgery and realized after a few days that it would be much harder than I expected. I then took an additional 6 weeks leave to help the recovery process and it has helped me tremendously. During this time off, I have been able to ice my feet, do my exercises, and make the transition gradually from walker and boots to my regular walking shoes. This time is very important to the process because you need time to get your walking gait back. Even though the recovery has a way to go for me and I know I still need to limit my activity when I return to work, I consider my recovery successful so far. I will return to work on Monday (9 weeks post-op) and am actually excited about it.
I still have a small amount of swelling at the surgical area but my doc says that it is expected, especially with nerves being operated on.
I am still going to sit as much as I can when I go to work. When you return to work, I would still limit your activity and see if there is a way you can sit when you can to give your feet a rest. I hope I helped a little. Hang in there. Good luck and I wish you the best with your future CT surgery. Definitely ask your doc if the CT procedure and its nerves are any way connected with your leg and back pain. Take care and have a good evening.

Re: MD visit today, 3 weeks after surgery

Ann L on 4/16/04 at 22:28 (149042)

Hi Mary,
Just wanted you to know that you are not alone - I have carpal tunnel in both wrists, no surgery yet (fingers crossed!) I also have Fibromyalgia, which I have seen a few on this board have along with TTS. I had bilateral TTS surgery on Feb 16. At this point, I can't imagine going back to work yet. I work most of the day on my feet, too. My feet and ankles are so weak that I am in physical therapy for strengthening exercises and gait training. I was in ankle braces - for over a year on my left ankle and 6 months on my right. If you are able to, stay off as long as possible and if your doctor has not mentioned physical therapy, I would recommend it. After walking abnormally for a length of time from pain, certain muscles weaken in the foot and ankle. I was quite surprised how much so. Good luck in your recovery.

Re: MD visit today, 3 weeks after surgery

Elaine T on 4/17/04 at 13:43 (149056)

Yes, I've carpel tunnel surgery, and for me, it was like a miracle. I would do it again in a minute. But it took a loong time to completely heal. All of these orthopedic surgeries take many months to heal.