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Can someone help Donna H. (several posts down this page?)

Posted by Suzanne D. on 4/18/04 at 06:48 (149082)

I just read a new post from Donna H. on the Social/Support page, and then I came here to see if she had posted on the Tarsal Tunnel site. She did a few days ago but has had no responses.

Please, if someone who has dealt with - or is dealing with - Tarsal Tunnel pain can advise her, I am sure she would really appreciate it. She needs advice I cannot give since I have no experience with TTS. I am going to answer her on the Social Support board as well.

Thanks to anyone who might be able to make a difference for Donna.

Suzanne :)

Re: need info on TTS & MotVehAcc and/or traumatic injury

LARA on 4/19/04 at 08:35 (149124)

I posted this below, but got concerned it would be on page two before long so decided to copy and paste it up here:

Donna: Saw Suzanne's post and decided to see what I can do. Not sure it's much. I have edited and reformatted your post to make it more readable/skimmable. A lot of people write paragraphs like you do - it's normal, particularly, but not exclusively, when under great stress/pain. Unfortunately, some of us however skim through things the first round. I hope this makes it more readable and someone can give you some help. Sometimes just reporting the same thing with different title helps too.

It does sound like you have been through the mill. Hope you stick around and find support here.

As to the attorney issue - it is possible to change attorneys - although not without a risk/benefit analysis because of the contingency fee provisions you mentioned. It's also tougher if you are close to trial.

I've done a search and can't find anything about the relationship between TTS & car accidents (doesn't mean it isn't there, I just did a primitive google search). However, many of us with TTS got it from excessive walking - not any associated injury, so you may have TTS from the walking required after the accident without relationship to other injuries

1. anyone have an article on TTS and car accidents/severe trauma
2. physician referrals (presumably for techical information, not treatment, so could be from someone anywhere in the world in info on TTS)

Car Accident: Arm, shoulder,neck,c-spine injuries much more painful, so I didn't complain of foot pain in ER.

2 wks later, after many days pain in feet, which I thought was just from walking everywhere(car totalled), Dr diagnosed Achilles Tendonitis (I'm not real athletic, so trust me, not from sports injury),& referred me for EMG.

After months of neurontin, feeling stabbed, jabbed & electric shocks in feet via tarsal tunnel ('...in both feet, but especially worse in the left...' per EMG), up to 20x daily, I had TTS release 2/03.

Surgery only app 50 % successful;no relief conservative tmt., rt.foot.

I had a good article with several drs giving good info relating TTS to possible car wreck injury/sudden trauma last yr, but can't find it.

Case nearly in court.

Any info, personal exp., physician assistance deeply appreciated.

Other party insurance trying to say not possible for injury to neck/back, my sudden excessive walking (9 blocks daily to take bus to/from work, 5 days wk.,w/my cspine injuries & achilles tendonitis) to cause any type foot problems.

CAT scan/MRI shows several bulging discs,
1 herniated disc,sclerosis on left, other neck/upper back injury, &
ulnar nerve damage, left arm.
have not walked w/o walker or cane 1 1/2 yrs. (I used to hike occasionally, swim, chase 7 grandchildren)
fallen 3x in public;
burst into tears several times from pain just trying to walk in my own home.

Just changed primary care physician, podiatrist; He believes TTS, PF, related to MVA, but I need more than just 1 dr.

Re: need info on TTS & MotVehAcc and/or traumatic injury

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/20/04 at 00:04 (149184)

It is not uncommon for foot injuries to get 'swept aside' when dealing with auto accidents since ER's are treating the 'big stuff' first. A dorsiflexion injury -- an injury pushing the foot back on the leg is one manner in which an MVA can cause TTS. Another way is for the foot to be pushed so that it is bent inward. Get a NCV and a doc familiar with TTS as they will unbderstand and can support this relationship. Which discs are bulging?

Re: need info on TTS & MotVehAcc and/or traumatic injury

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/20/04 at 00:09 (149186)

As mentioned below, the podiatrists at http://www.footlaw.com have probably run into this situation often enough that they have quite a few resources on this and can get involved with your local PI attorney.

Re: Thanks to all who responded to Donna both here and on the social support board...

Suzanne D. on 4/21/04 at 17:29 (149305)

I don't know Donna but hope that she has found all the messages posted to her both here and on the social support board. As always, it is heart-warming to see people reaching out to others with understanding and information.

Suzanne :)

Re: Thanks to all who responded to Donna both here and on the social support board...

Donna H on 4/22/04 at 11:30 (149351)

It most certainly is!! I was at a loss, but now have a wealth of information and feel a great deal of weight lifted from my shoulders! i was getting nowhere and staying nowhere with the medical 'help' I was getting. I knew the information was out there, just not exactly sure how/where to get to it! I appreciate the original post being rewritten, and much thanks Suzanne for all the time and effort you took to help. i appreciate it so-o-oo much!
I will keep in touch and let you all know how things are going.
Thanks again - Donna H

Re: need info on TTS & MotVehAcc and/or traumatic injury

Donna H on 4/22/04 at 13:06 (149359)

Thank you Dr. Davis. I was getting tests- primary care doc just filed them/no tmt; never knew results till I asked for copy of report & read it myself! Briefly receiving iontopheresis both feet - thats it.
ER report 4/17/02 states'...reversal of and straightening of the normal cervical lordosis..' 7/02 physiatrist exam/lower extremity EMG'...tenderness at C5-6 level..extension of head is also decreased. Tinel's Sign positive at the ankles. Sensation decreased in the medial part of the foot on the left side...bilateral tarsal tunnel syndrome both feet, especially worse left side...' 10/02 Cervical spine MRI..'some phase artifact that projects through the cord, no definite intrinsic signal abnormalities...T2-T3 tiny left central disc protrusion mildly indents the ventral surface of the cord. C3-4, small central disc protrusion mildly indents the ventral surface of the cord...C5-6 tiny central disc protrusion is suggested...C6-7, Small central disc herniation that flattens the ventral subarachnoid space. It is focal and extends to, but does not compress the cord;no lateralizing disc herniation.C7-T1, some facet arthropathy with some sclerosis on the left...the left neural foramen is minimally narrowed...' 10/03 C-spine MRI...main change is 'At C6-7, ...broad based disc bulge/ protrusion...'
I 'lost' a day 10/03- brain CAT scan done - followed by brain MRI- no tmt/followup-never referred to neurologist-report just filed in my chart! CT Head (w/o contrast)'...tiny area of decreased attenuation in the periventricular white matter of the left occipital horn of the right lateral ventrical on image 17. This is of uncertain clinical significance possibly representing enlarged perivascular space, white matter disease, or a tiny infarct...Clinical correlation recommended' Brain MRI...'small area of hyperintensity on the FLAIR sequence w/in the right temporal lobe; very small areas of hyperintensity within the cerebral hemispheres bilaterally also present...flow voids present within the major intracranial vascular structures...' (only highlights of reports)
Where do I go from here? I'm sick of TTS!! Don't know if I had mild strokes or if there was possibly some mild brain injury when my head snapped over to passenger side, to rear view mirror, then to drivers side door.(?) Don't know why I got severe TTS and PF-only know I can't walk unassisted & can't seem to get the right tmt. There's some hope in that I am seeing podiatrist that believes there is some connection to all this somewhere & referred me to neurologist. Appt not till June. Cortisone shots x3 -mild relief.
Please tell me-Am I on the right track now? What might I ask of the podiatrist and neurologist? What is the difference between the NCV you mentioned & EMG? Left TTS release 2/03 app 50% successful, no PF surgery/tmt- NOT seeing that ortho again! So I need to find an ortho dr., since I still have TTS? Deeply appreciate your assistance & advice. Donna H

Re: need info on TTS & MotVehAcc and/or traumatic injury-Dr. Davis

Donna H on 4/22/04 at 13:11 (149360)

Sorry-previous post was meant for Dr. davis. Being new, I messed up- thought I was answering your post and got mixed up. Please read my post just previous to this one - thank you
Donna H

Re: Thanks to all who responded to Donna both here and on the social support board...

LARA on 4/23/04 at 10:38 (149411)

Thanks for letting us know it's helpful. It may seem obvious to you, but it really helps us know what does and doesn't work - in specifics as you did as well as generally.

Good luck and I look forward to see posts on your progress.

Re: Thanks to all who responded to Donna both here and on the social support board...

Suzanne D. on 4/23/04 at 17:18 (149440)

I'm so glad you got responses that helped you, Donna!

Take care, and please keep posting!
Suzanne :)