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Pinched Nerve in Ankle for DPM's

Posted by Tony Frary on 4/18/04 at 15:37 (149092)

Dear DPm,

Can you advise me on whether this is possible to have a pinched nerve begin from taping an ankle for plantar facitis? A PT was taping my ankle for PF ND IT WAS HELPING WITH THE SUOPORT and wearing it for 8 hours aday for my job helped me get through the day. Now after a month i have develpoed inner ankle pain. Could tts be caused by taping the ankle& foot for PF? Have you ever seen this happen in your years of practice? Could the tape compessed the nerve in the tts area or is this unlikley? I did not think the tape was too tight or cnstrcting? thanks for your help

Re: Pinched Nerve in Ankle for DPM's

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/21/04 at 19:03 (149312)

I have never seen a taping for PF cause tarsal tunnel syndrome. It is possible, that if a taping is too constrictive, that it can bruise some nerve branches such as the medial calcaneal nerve (at least in theory). I have not actually seen that happen though.