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Positive Result

Posted by Chris on 4/18/04 at 20:23 (149103)

Hello all...
You may remember me as the one who spearheaded the debate about Ossatron vs Dornier about 2 months ago (including the anesthesia questions related to the 2 procedures).
Anyway, I finally decided on the Ossatron to treat my chronic PF (left foot only) and had the procedure done in NYC about 8 weeks ago.
While I was very skeptical and did not feel much change during the first 3-4 weeks (except some very minor improvement), the period between 4-8 weeks have seen dramatic improvement. I would go as far as to say that I am 80 % better. I have begun playing tennis again, and do feel some pain the next day, but this is bearable and hopefully will go away as well.
I still wear my ortho inserts but do nothing else at this point.

Thanks to all out there for your opinions and support.
As my PF was getting worse up to the time of treatment, I do feel that the ESWT was the sole reason for my improvement.

It is important to realize that boards like this have a type of reverse survivor bias..that is many of the people cured do not come back and many of the people in pain continue to explore all their options and keep coming back. Anyway, I am happy to be able to provide such a positive outcome and wish everyone well.

Re: Positive Result

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/18/04 at 23:34 (149111)

Thank you and thank all who do come back. You are right about the 'reverse survivor bias.'

Re: Positive Result

Tricia H on 4/19/04 at 12:54 (149141)

you just gave me some encouragement. I had it done with the Ossatron 3 weeks ago, and frankly my foot is worse now than before treatment. My doc told me the inflammation may peak at 3 weeks, and not to get discouraged. Maybe I will be similar to you. I'm going to Europe on vacation in a month, and will be disappointed if I can't walk there. Before treatment, I was able to walk over 2 miles. Now I can't walk more than 1/2 mile without extreme soreness.

Did yours get worse before it got better?

Re: Positive Result

Chris vst on 4/19/04 at 13:30 (149148)

I would not say that my condition got worse after EWST..
Rather, the whole area was pretty numb for about a week (not painful) and then it seemed to regress back to where I was before surgery (maybe a tiny bit better). It was not until 5-8 weeks that I noticed meaningful improvement.
My doctor told me that this was similar to many of his other cases..
Hopefully yours will get better with time as well.

Re: Positive Result

Buck T. on 4/19/04 at 20:45 (149165)

Hi Chris: I've had pf in both feet for five years. On one I had surgery about a year ago and am still coping with it. The other I had ESWT about 10 months ago and it really feels good.

Take care, Buck

Re: Positive Result

Mark L on 4/20/04 at 08:02 (149209)

One of the major companys in the ESWL(about 20 years) and high energy ESWT (2 years)business will soon publish a study that shows significant results in over 80%(as or more efective than surgery) of those who had ESWT. Everybody who fits the protocall should avail themselves of this therapy because of the effectivness vs. the insignificant incidence of complications. My personal relationship with a podiatrist has enabled me to gain input from many others who successfuly use this therapy and their opinion is what I have stated above. More interesting is at this time is that I have heard that one of the major providers of high energy ESWT is not charging the patient a fee for ESWT if their insurance company denies payment , leaving the patient responsible only for payment to their podiatrist. Anyone who has typical insertional PF that has failed to respond to a properly regimented plan of conservative therapies and has had their podiatrist suggest that one of the surgical methods is the next step should try high energy ESWT. Please do not discount my input because you consider it second hand info. Surgery does fail- and even in the best case scenario it can leave you with a compromised foot structure that often causes problems of a new type. If you want more direct info please e-mail me at <(email removed)>

Re: Positive Result

Pauline on 4/20/04 at 11:11 (149219)

It will be interesting for us to hear Elliott's diagnosis of the numbers in this new study.

Numbers are often spewed here like grass seed.

I would think it very helpful to Scott's readers, if you would post the name of the major provider that isn't charging the patient fee anymore especially for people seeking treatment.

Your good news should be everyone's good news.

This is what this board is all about speading the 'Good News' in an open forum.

Re: Positive Result

Pauline on 4/20/04 at 12:28 (149227)

I forgot to tell you I know who you are, but how I know I'm afraid shall have to remain with me.

Re: TO: pauline

Mark L on 4/21/04 at 05:44 (149271)

I don't know who you are and guess what- I DON'T GIVE A HOOT! All you do is cause trouble every time someone tries to be helpful. I guess you got that way when Dorothy dropped her house on you and stole your ruby slippers. If you know who I am POST IT HERE AND NOW. I GIVE YOU MY PERMISSION. You can even tell everybody my phone # and where I live. Why don't you even post my picture. I'de post yours but all you can see of you is your feet sticking out from beneath Dorothy's house.
I didn't post the name of the company because I don't want to commercialize this site. If anyone needs more info e-mail me at <(email removed)> That is anyone but you-pauline