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Success rate..Cortizone injections for Morton's Neuroma

Posted by Todd W. on 4/19/04 at 19:27 (149157)

What is the success rate for this. I have Mortons neuroma, and do not want cortizone shots, have already had 3 cortizone shots in my foot for PF last year. I feel I must have a severe case of it, because I can barely walk, and don't think conservative treatment will work.I was just wondering what kind of percentage rate you dr.'s would give for the success rate of this treatment? Thanks in advance.

Re: Success rate..Cortizone injections for Morton's Neuroma

Nan D on 4/19/04 at 19:52 (149158)

Hi Todd,

I am not a Dr, but I have been to 6 Pods w/ no success for my morton's neuroma. I had 1 cortisone shot which made things worse for a week. Try the sdo orthotics mentioned on the message boards & sold here.(They are guaranteed if they don't work) This is the ONLY thing that has allowed me to be able to walk. To help your pain now, try soaking in hot water followed by ice until you can get your sdo's. Get some metatarsal inserts for your shoes until you get the sdo's. I have been dealing with this for 1 1/2 years & tried everything. I still have some pain if I wear dress shoes, but almost none in sneakers w/ the sdo's and sandals. If you would like to contact me directly, I'll be happy to help since I am now an expert on morton's neuroma!

Also search on the message boards a topic about active release technique. I have had a similar treatment, but don't think the guy (Michael Young in CO) knew exactly how to do it properly. THAT technique makes more sense to me than letting any Pod stick cortisone in your body or God forbid cut on your foot which 90% of the time will make it worse. Good Luck.......and I will tell you it's a big hassle to find someone who actually knows what they are doing to help this! Nan

Re: Success rate..Cortizone injections for Morton's Neuroma

Nan D on 4/19/04 at 19:57 (149159)

Todd: Here's another post about the sdo's from the other message board!

Posted by Rachael T. on 4/17/04 at 15:12 View Thread
Hi - after a couple of wks. w/o 1SDO as it was away having its fluid 'adjusted' ~ mySDO returned yest. & upon putting it back into my shoes & removing the hard orth from the pod.....my feet are feeling relieved. I am unsure if this 1st adjustment is correct; but it is better than the original - that I can tell. MySDOs are allowing me continued activities & more of a life.....I feel they are a help in my healing at this point. And, after 3 yrs. of PF, & LOTS of 'healing attempts' this 1 seems to be doing the job.
For those of you that areSDO fearful & apprehensive, I was too - but Dr. Kiper seems to be patient & sympathetic - & hisSDOs seem to be sympathetic to my feet & yet supportive. I am glad I tried them!
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Re: Success rate..Cortizone injections for Morton's Neuroma

Rose on 4/20/04 at 19:57 (149248)

I had a cortizone shot for plantar fasciitis and had an alergic reaction to it. The other foot had a neuroma. Since my doctor could not give me cortizone, he said that 4 weeks in the boot, in his opinion was equal to the shot. I tried it and it did help. But, after battling the neuroma for a long long time and seeing a chiropractor, a podiatrist, trying accupuncture, all three of them agreed that the neuroma does not go away.
I had the surgery for it and it was completely healed in less than 6 weeks. Now Plantar fasciitis is different. It seems to repsond to the various treatments for various people sometimes.I had very painful PF in the other foot and had surgery for that at the same time. It has been 9 months and the PF is still healing. I expect it to be gone completely by a year. But I still am doing physical therapy for it and it may still not completely go away as far as the pain goes. I do not take any medication and just have to not be on my feet for too long. The neuroma has been healed for months and months, unlike the PF resease.
But, I do think that possibly the best solution for a very painful neuroma is simply to have the surgery. It is very quick to heal as compared to the PF surgery. There are various types. There is removal of the neuroma, cutting the tendons or ligaments I think (that is what I had) and a newer procedure, which was invented by my doctor, where the nerve is rerouted around the foot into the arch someway. I have talked to people who have had all three, and they have all been pleased. Now, it does grow back sometimes, but the pain is completely gone, you can walk after the surgery ever so carefully, and it heals quickly. I know a jazzercise teacher in her 50's who had the neuroma surgery on both feet at the same time and is back teaching many high impact classes already with no pain at all. It does heal very quickly.