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tarsal tunnel/plantar fasciitis

Posted by patti b on 4/19/04 at 20:20 (149161)

I suffered for 8 months with burning and shooting pain in the bottom of my feet and around my inner ankles. I also had pain in my big toes. I was diagnosed by a podiatrist with having plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel. I got orthodics and had physical therapy. The orthodics he ordered only made my feet worse. After 8 months, my feet were worse than ever and my husband was ready to get me a wheelchair. When the doctor told me to think about tarsal tunnel surgery, I went for a second opinion with and orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon. He told me I had been MISDIAGNOSED and that he sees people like me all the time who have been under the treatment of a podiatrist. I had varus heel which is a common deformity. He had a techician adjust my orthodics and I experienced incredible improvement the next day. It has been 5 days now and today I walked half a mile. Last week, I couldn't even stand for more than 5 minutes.

Get a second opinion from an orthopaedic if you don't see improvement within a few months.

Re: tarsal tunnel/plantar fasciitis

Scott M. Reeves on 4/20/04 at 12:23 (149226)

Great news! Always good to get a second opinion and also from a different type of doctor.

Not all podiatrists are the best - I had a really bad one on my initial diagnosis in 2001 on my left foot. After switching to another Podiatrist, I got much better treatment and help.