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post epf complications

Posted by Bill on 4/19/04 at 22:49 (149172)

One year ago this month I had epf for severe heel pain which was performed by my podiatrist. I previously wore inserts he had made for me and did all the stretches, injections etc without luck. The heel pain was solved by the surgery but I continued to have severe soreness in my foot each morning when I get out of bed or after sitting a while. I assumed that would just take time to get over. After one year, I consider myself now as having a bad foot which limits my activities and question whether I should have had the surgery. Each morning I have a sore, stiff foot that hurts across the front of the foot and my calf. The leg does not work well for a while but after hobbling around and stretching for a while it seems to get the soreness worked out. In addition, I asked the doctor why my middle toe was now sticking up after the surgery (like a hammer toe which I never had before) and he mentioned that a nerve or tendon may have gotten snipped by accident. I went for a second opinion and the other podiatrist said something definately got cut and suggested a fusion with a pin the toe for about 8 weeks to keep it straight and avoid future problems. I am concerned about now having a bum foot that is not getting better while being only 47 years old and wanting to be active.

Re: post epf complications

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/19/04 at 23:42 (149176)

The connection between the two problems is a bit uncertain. I hope that you utilized orthotics after the procedure.