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Tarsal Coalition - Could the Doc's help please

Posted by Pete on 4/20/04 at 12:08 (149222)

I know have the radiologists commnents on my MRI scans re my tarsal coalition;-

Right foot

'There is a pseudo joint, perhaps a synchondrosis between the talus and the calcaneus, i.e a talo-calcaneal synchondrosis adjacent to which there is a loculated (spelling?) collection of fluid indicating recurrent and repetitive inflammation.

Left foot

Thereis a calcaneo-navicular fibrocartilagenous coalition adjacent to which there is some kind of well circumscribed 'foreign body'. This latter is solid and of indeterminate tissue. It lies adjacent to the navicular bone, posterior to the navicular tubercle. There is no fluid or local inflammatory reaction to be seen but I would predict that these appearances would significantly limit movement at this joint'.

My symptoms are pain on standing particularly and walking after about 30 to 45 mins. Pain is in the arch predominantly, with the whole foot then aching if I have to continue on my feet. The pain subsides rapidly on sitting. Previously diagnoses as PF although no pain at the insertion point. Have treated my feet with all the normal PF mentioned on this site which clearly now look to be a waste. However, at least I know have a positive diagnosis.....note 2 previous radiologists missed these problems.

Is surgery an option, what are the risks, recovery time etc ? Many thanks for your time and help

Re: Tarsal Coalition - Could the Doc's help please

Ed Davis,DPM on 4/21/04 at 00:37 (149266)

Foreign body? That means that there is something in your foot that should not be there.

There are three parts to the joint between the talus and calcaneus. Much depends on where the synchondrosis (bridge of cartilage) is located. It often does need to be removed.

Re: Tarsal Coalition - Could the Doc's help please

john king on 4/22/04 at 13:20 (149362)

I think the risk is that you will be worse after the surgery. Also you will be off your feet for some time.

Re: To John King

Pete on 4/23/04 at 12:39 (149416)

On what are you basing this prognosis ? You had this surgery ? Are you a Doctor ? Just keen to know more. Thanks

Re: To John King

john king on 4/23/04 at 13:37 (149420)

I am not a doctor but I was diagnosed with TTS. I got a number of second opinions on this problem. My pod said this TTS was a rare condition. I had numerous nerve tests on my feet and they were all over the place. I guess what I am trying to say is weigh the risks carefully before you have that surgery. Imagine being worse that you are now! This happens and we don't know how often it happens. One risk is you end up with RSD and spend you days in a wheelchair. Also one surgery tends to lead to another when they don't get it right the first time. Every surgery leaves scar tissue and this can be a problem.

Basically, my feet hurt like hell. But I can still walk. I know of some on this board who have had very bad experiences with foot surgery. None of the pods on this board are gung ho for surgery. They know the risks and that is why they harp on ESWT and other non invasive type treatments. Get a second opinion before you rush into anything you cannot undo. Doctors are good at fixing broken bones and taking out gall bladers. I am not sure about the rest since I have had two failed surgerys on my shoulder and wrist. I have scars now and am no better off. Just a warning not to get talked into something and don't believe that there are no risks. It can take up to one year for recovery.

Re: To John King

Pete on 4/24/04 at 12:04 (149476)

Thanks. I agree entirely with your sentiments. I think all surgery is abit of a risk and I may face a difficult decision. I have young kids and just can't face not being able to do normal things with them, although as you say the surgery may go wrong and I'll be able to less with them

Re: To John King

john king on 4/24/04 at 13:50 (149480)


I was definitely not trying to scare you regarding the surgery on your feet. Keep reading the comments of those who have had this surgery. Some have had drastic outcomes that are really pitiful to read. Once they cut on you they cannot uncut. I almost had the surgery myself but at the last moment I changed my mind. People take up to a year to see if the surgery is successful. You could be completely off your feet for a long time.