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Foot pain after PF Release

Posted by staceyp on 4/21/04 at 20:43 (149329)

I am 8 month post surgery and my foot pain is getting greater all of the time. I have been doing PT for 3 months with no releif. The pain is located on the outside of my foot and is no going around my ankle bone and is starting to effect my arch and I have tingling in my toes. What is my best option? I see my foot dr on a monthly basis and he has been giving my injections that where lasting about 3 weeks at a time for the pain but now has deermined that it is starting to damage my foot. I am at a loss of what should be done next. Any advic would be great. Thanks

Re: Foot pain after PF Release

Steve G on 4/21/04 at 22:06 (149334)

Stacy - I am not a doctor, but it sound like you could be suffering from what is called 'lateral column syndrome' - this is a common complication of the surgery and needs to be handled quickly and aggressively.

Do a search on 'lateral column pain' 'cuboid syndrome', lateral column overload'. The treatments include PT, joint manipulations, orthodic adjustment, etc. You need to talk to your pod or surgeon about this ASAP. If I were you, I would print up some of the information about the problem and its treatment that you get from the search and show it to your doctor. If he does not deal with the problem in a serious manner, get another pod