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Wow! I'm overwhelmed-thanks so much!

Posted by Donna H on 4/22/04 at 11:08 (149348)

Hi everyone- When I wrote the post a few days ago, I was doing the usual-unable to sleep due to TTS & the other grief I didn't mention, & finding solace in my computer. In addition to the TTS and PF in both feet, I also have severe psoriasis on both feet. So that makes standing/walking even more painful and difficult. I was especially suffering tarsal tunnel 'shocks' while itching to death @ the same time. So many medical professionals even minimize the symptoms & the severity of the symptoms of TTS/PF & I have found them to be downright rude, crude & treat patients like illiterate, uneducated scum. I worked all my life and I am on Medicaid due to physical disability, but I feel lumped into the category people most think of - some welfare mother with a bunch of little kids sitting on her butt, not trying/wanting to work. My 'baby' graduates this yr. and its NOT my choice to be disabled & on Medicaid. I'd much rather turn the clock back!
I decided I should get all my tmts @ the same place, so I made a dermatologist appt @ the same hospital where I see the new primary care doc. Now, for those of you who don't know, the word 'psoriasis' is of Greek origin and literally means 'itch.' Itching is one of the primary & most aggravating symptoms of psoriasis and we actually scratch till bleeding. Psoriasis is not a skin condition-it just manifests in the skin-its actually an immune disorder. Anyway, this idiot told me 'you don't have psoriasis, because psoriasis doesn't itch.' (!!)
So I bombarded his mailbox w/ articles, INCLUDING from The American Academy of Dermatology and sent him a copy of a booklet from the US Dept of Health, which all describe the itching & disability when on the soles of feet.
I really want to thank all of you who responded. All your words of caring and your advice is deeply appreciated. I needed the humor today too. Thanks for the neurontin thoughts Marie - can't forget that! I've already checked out a couple of the links & promise to get to them all.
As far as not complaining to family, I don't - they just don't get it that I can't just get out and walk to the bus (4 blks) and get myself to all my appts (A couple times I had to cancel dr appts because I can't walk to the bus stop to go get the medical help I need, & no one would give me a ride!)They don't understand why I am not the same as I was before - like a couple bandaids shoulda repaired the bulging, herniated discs, ulnar nerve damage in my left arm,sclerosis now in left side of neck because docs did not diagnose/treat properly in beginning, Achilles tendonitis, Tarsal tunnel, plantar faciitis overnite! Uh-yeah right.
For all of you in pain, I'll remember you in my prayers and hope we all will become pain free. I hope I can be there 1 day when some frustrated, aggravated,depressed chronic pain-sufferer finds his/her way here-just the way you were here for me. Thanks again- Donna H

Re: Wow! I'm overwhelmed-thanks so much!

Necee on 4/22/04 at 12:01 (149354)

Donna, the tone of your latest post sounds so much better!!

You're right, those who have never suffered foot pain, etc....just don't get it. But, everyone here sure does!

I hope you continue to post, and read as much as you can. Soak up all the knowledge this site has to offer, I know I did, it was a tremendous part in my recovery. After a while this board becomes an addiction.....you just can't live without it!

Happy trails......


Re: Wow! I'm overwhelmed-thanks so much!

Suzanne D. on 4/23/04 at 17:17 (149439)

Donna, thank you for taking the time to post again, both here and on the Tarsal Tunnel Board. I am glad you received so many good responses, and I hope that you got information that will help you. It sounds as if you have a lot of tough situations in your life, and I am glad if we could help you, even a little. You can tell you are among people who care and who will reach out to give support and information.

Sometimes - even often - many people respond to someone, and we never hear from them again. It is nice to get a response back to know that the person read and was helped by the posts. Thanks for doing that. Your message makes the effort spent posting well worth it!

Best wishes,
Suzanne :)