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i have plantars fasciitis, and i'm only 14

Posted by Kelley B. on 4/23/04 at 10:55 (149412)

I have planters fasciitis, i'm only 14, and was diagnosed with it last fall. now it is worse than ever. the only thing is that i also have Severs Disease and achilles brusitis. I have gone through physical therapy, hade ulrasound cordozone cream treatments, taken pain meds, Bextra + Aleve with naproxin, and do many excersizes and stretches throughout the day. I was in a walking cast for 6 weeks-3 weeks for each foot- over winter break and christmas to stablize my feet and give them time to heal. It worked for a while, but now my feet are worse than ever and nothing is working.
I am in school and do a lot of sports throughout the year, and i have already had to give some of my favorites up because i can't take the pain. I can't walk after practice, or just on a regular basis after i have been laying down. i am always wearing my shoes, which have custom made orthodics. My doctors all think that i am too young to have cordizone shots or sugery, but i am afraid there is no more options.
My mom also has this disease, and she is 44, yet I have gone through more in the last 6 months than she ever had to do to cure hers.
I have to give up on a lot of time with my friends because I know it will hurt my feet to do whatever it is that they are doing. I want some sort of justification that will let me know that this will be over soon, and I can have a normal life again. What else can I do that will be effective, and won't take up a whole lot of time or money? Please help me.

Re: i have plantars fasciitis, and i'm only 14

john king on 4/23/04 at 13:44 (149421)

I think I would cut back on the sports until you feet have a chance to heal. This could take quite a while but if you keep injuring your feet they will continue to hurt. Sports are great but being able to walk is more important especially later in life. I got PF when I was 35 years old and my feet never really recovered because of my job until I retired on disability. You don't want that!

Re: i have plantars fasciitis, and i'm only 14

Angela A. on 4/23/04 at 14:54 (149434)

I am so sorry to hear your story.

14 is WAY too young to have foot pain.

I've had surgery twice for PF and ESWT twice and I'm still suffereing, probably more so than ever, so I definitely can say, 'I feel your pain.'
I've had to give up my career as a nurse because of PF.

I would recommend you find a good Podiatrist, cut back on the sports for now, and follow the directions of the podiatrist.

Good luck to you.

Re: i have plantars fasciitis, and i'm only 14

RACHAEL T. on 4/23/04 at 17:55 (149441)

Oh Kelly, I do feel your pain & your emotional anguish....being 14 is way too young for foot pain. But, I know 2 girls (16 & 17 yrs. old)in my riding stable that acquired PF shortly after I did. We used to tease each other & say we were contagious! We also compared shoes, orthotics, & treatments. Yes, they were both active with dancing, horseback riding, sports, & 1 is a waitress. She quit riding after about 1 year of PF & also quit waitressing...& of course, like you, she gave up pretty shoes & alot of nights out dancing & such with her friends - But,now, she is back to waitressing & dancing & rides now & then - as she's in college. The other girl healed quickly--she was better in about 6 months....but she tells me that every now & then - she feels an ouch & returns to 'healthy' shoes rather than trendy fashionable shoes. I, too - am much improved, but that improvement took 3 years! I feel that these two young girls LIKE YOU, will heal like they did - more quickly than I or others on this msg. board....due to your youthfulness. So, I only advise that you cut back or abstain from sports & dancing & romping - & immerse yourself in your studies & in 'sitting down' fun things to do (go to the movies w/ your girlfriends weekly & at least, that will be something that will keep your spirits upbeat!) Keep your activities limited till your feet improve some. Continue to wear your orthotics & be patient...unfortunately, as you already know - feet take more time than anything to heal! Take care & I shall think of you often.....& yes, I now, ride my horse, ride a bike, & shop some, -- but I must also admit that on some days, which are fewer & further between than before, I do not do those things! On those days, I am not as happy - but I know that after a day or 2 of rest, my feet recover unlike how they used to be when they would never recover. So, hang in there & know that you will get better!!! Write to me anytime, I shall be happy to reply & give you support!

Re: i have plantars fasciitis, and i'm only 14

Pete on 4/25/04 at 14:40 (149512)

Get a second opinion and rest feet in the meantime

Re: i have plantars fasciitis, and i'm only 14

Peter A on 4/26/04 at 15:52 (149577)

I am very sad to read this. I have had PF for about 18 months, and not that severe, and I know how depressing it has been for me, so it's hard to imagine how hard it must seem for you at 14. I would say what you need most is someone who will work with you across the entire spectrum of factors -- your activities, therapies that you can do (stretching, night splints, massage, ice and/or heat, etc.), shoes you should wear, orthotics, etc. -- to help you get better. If your family doctor or podiatrist isn't doing that, look for someone else. You need both good medical advice and emotional support for what is a very difficult and frustrating problem.

Keep writing to this forum. You can get emotional support here, which I find very helpful, as well as some good advice and pointers you can ask your care provider about. And we want to know how you are doing. We'll be thinking about you.