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Americans Still willing to pull their weight

Posted by john h on 4/23/04 at 15:01 (149435)

One of my favorite NFL football players turned down a 3.6 million dollar contract a couple of years ago to enlist in the Army Rangers. He was killed in action in Afganistan this week. He was a mans man and put honor,duty,country above riches and fame. There are others out there like him who serve unnoticed.


Re: Americans Still willing to pull their weight

Suzanne D. on 4/23/04 at 17:09 (149437)

John, thank you for posting this link. I was touched by the story and then saddened by your report of this soldier's death.

There still are heroes in this country who put others above self. It seems rare in our world today, but then most people who unselfishly serve others do not want attention called to themselves, so we often do not get to know about them. That's a shame, since children growing up need positive role models.

It truly is not 'all about me'.

Suzanne :)

Re: Americans Still willing to pull their weight

Necee on 4/26/04 at 18:51 (149599)

I heard that terrible news on the tv today John. He was a wonderful person, and never put himself and his fame above others.
He will be greatly missed.


Re: Americans Still willing to pull their weight

BudP on 5/06/04 at 00:28 (150113)

Not only him but many others just like him. I have a 42 yr old brother over there right now. He says the war is a joke. We have no plan and neither do the Iraqi people. They want us out of there as bad as they wanted Sadamm out. In one sector that he was at Haliburton was bringing in pipe and cunstruction equipment even before some of our boys were getting proper medical care. It's obvious to him that this war is about Bush for oil. He says you can't even imagine how many innocent Iraqi people have been killed 10's of thousand dead and even more wounded. I JUST HOPE HE GETS HOME WITHOUT BEING KILLED. I think he has 4o more days and another 70 to have 25yrs of service. He did say that if he makes it back alive he'll never witness another farce like this,to many young people dying for nothing.They've already extened his stay 2 months so he should be let go this time. Then he says he's not re-upping he's had enough of G W Bush war for oil.