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shoes for walking high arch

Posted by carolw on 4/24/04 at 02:03 (149469)

I need a good pari of shoes for walking. I have very high arches but think I pronate.I am always very hard on my shoes; they wear out quickly. Also have always had weak ankles. Thanks!

Re: shoes for walking high arch

Buck T. on 4/24/04 at 09:54 (149471)

Hi Carol: You might try a search here on shoes. I have high arches and with my orthotics wear SAS, New Balance and Brooks. There are really some asture 'shoe people' here and maybe some of them will respond.


Re: shoes for walking high arch

carolw on 4/24/04 at 10:27 (149474)

Thanks for responding. The only part of my arch that appears in my print is a tiny sliver on the lateral side and my heel is very narrow. I find that selecting the right shoes for my professional and casual life is often trial and error but I am getting fairly adept at making good choices.

I am asking about a shoe for walking. I walk for exercise about an hour a day and have a chronic right knee injury and a tender right heel on the so good support and cushion in my shoe is important.

Re: shoes for walking high arch

Suzanne D. on 4/24/04 at 14:26 (149485)

Carol, for walking, I have found that no shoe works as well for me as SAS Free Time walking shoes. They are a lace-up shoe with a roomy toe box and a removeable insole that should then accomodate most orthotics.

My feet have narrow heels, are medium width across the top of the foot, are very thin and long with high arches which flatten out considerably when I walk. I have often thought that I have about the hardest foot to fit there could be! :)

I have tried on various athletic shoes, but nothing has seemed quite right, and the thick soles and all the extra 'stuff' on athletic shoes has always seemed to make my women's size 11 feet look so huge! The SAS shoes are roomy and supportive but don't look so big and bulky. And they feel better on my feet than any of the athletic shoes.

If you get a chance, try on a pair of SAS Free Time shoes. I hope you find that they help you!

Suzanne :)

Re: shoes for walking high arch

RACHAEL T. on 4/24/04 at 21:12 (149497)

Go to a runner's sport store - where they really know what kind of shoe your foot needs & for whatever sport you are doing. I think that going to a runner's store was alot of help to me in my choice of finally the most comfy sneaker - that being Brooks Ariels.....I had bought prob. 14 prs. of sneakers w/ top namebrands & nothing felt good. These Brooks are my choice. But, a running expert sales rep - prob. will advise you most corectly. Good luck!

Re: shoes for walking high arch

Buck T. on 4/25/04 at 16:55 (149520)

Hi Suzanne: Are the SAS Free Time walking shoes athletic shoes?

Thanks, Buck

Re: shoes for walking high arch

Suzanne D. on 4/25/04 at 18:46 (149527)

They are referred to as walking shoes, Buck, and the men's version is called 'Time Out'. They resemble athletic shoes but are not as bulky. They lace up, have a roomy toe-box, and come in white, black, cream, and a suede (at least the women's do).

In thinking about how best to describe them, the athletic shoe that they would come the nearest to resembling would be some Reeboks which my daughter has worn in the past.

I hope this description makes sense! They are not sold or advertised online, so I can't post a picture for you. I know that John H. who posts here has worn SAS shoes, so maybe he can add to the description.

Best wishes,
Suzanne :)

Re: These look very much like my SAS walking shoes...

Suzanne D. on 4/25/04 at 18:56 (149528)

I hope this link works. It shows a picture of some Soft Spot walking shoes which look very much like my Free Time SAS shoes. I have no experience with Soft Spots but found the picture and thought it would give you a good idea of what they look like. The men's SAS Time Out shoes would be comporable to this.


Suzanne :)

Re: These look very much like my SAS walking shoes...

RACHAEL T. on 4/26/04 at 11:15 (149556)

Since I saw Soft Spot Shoes mentioned & I have 1 pair - I thought I would write my thoughts & opinion on them. I have a pair of dressy/casual black 'flats' that maybe have a little, little lift to them - so they look good w/ suits & dress clothes & since beginning to wear SDOs on 12/20th - I am now able to wear these shoes to church & other such activities where I am more dressed up. These shoes are comfy w/ my SDOs - almost moreso than a sneaker! I am going to look for more Soft Spot Shoes too as I think they are a healthy addition to my 'shoe collection.' I'd advise anyone who is wearing SDOs to try them w/ your SDO for a dressier change! And, yes, since my latest adjustment by Dr. Kiper (which is my first adjustment to the SDOs that I began to wear originally on 12/20th/03;) - I have had an amazingly better last week. And, I've been able to wear more types of shoes throughout my daily different activities which is something that was always traumatic for me in the past - & PAIN causing! Example: I can get up & wear my Birks for maybe 20 minutes as I do morning coffee & kitchen things; then, I can put on my Brooks w/ my SDOs & do a bikeride; then, I can rest a bit in my 'Isotoner slippers' w/ my SDOs & maybe do some odds & ends in the house - then, I can go to the barn in my Mephisto or Ariat boots w/ my SDOs in them & I can ride a horse or just do my stall & feed chores.....& on Sunday - I wore my Soft Spot Shoes to church w/ my SDO's.....I am feeling pretty high right now doing all of this & wearing 'different' shoes comfortably - BUT, I 'budget' & strategize my 'on feet' actions - just to be careful. I also add that w/o my SDOs for 2 weeks while they were being adjusted, I was back on painpills & NSAIDS - & not doing much except using ice on my feet & resting - within, just maybe 2 days, I began to start adding activities & stopped all pills.....so I am happy at the moment - but still & always shall remain GUARDED (& don't do all these activities each & every day--but on some days, I do & before, that was NEVER possible. I don't know if the SDOs or any of the above shoes I wrote about will help anyone else....but I am feeling better & wanted to share it with you - giving you some thoughts & also some good hope. Sorry I am so chatty & long w/ this post - either it is the coffee this a.m. that has me chatty - or truly, my happiness that I am feeling much improved over just 1-1/2 wks. ago!

Re: shoes for walking high arch

Buck T. on 4/29/04 at 19:41 (149805)

Thanks, Suzanne. This is a great description. We have a SAS store here. Take care,


Re: photos of SAS shoes

Carole C in NOLA on 5/04/04 at 20:46 (150040)


The big one on the left is a men's 'Time Out', while the small one on the right is another model of SAS not recommended for PF. I also have the women's 'Free Time' which is recommended for PF, but it's not in the photo.

Carole C