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PF: 8 years with no symptoms, and now THIS!

Posted by Matt P on 4/24/04 at 11:23 (149475)

Hi there: I've been a non participating observer of this board for several months now. I find it incredibly helpful to hear others describing the pain and suffering I'm going through. I'll fill you in on my story, then ask for some of your thoughts on my specific issues.

In '94 I started getting pain in my arch; I had just started college and blamed it on the increased amount of walking on pavement (I had also recently recovered from mononucleosis). I went to a podiatrist, he fit me with orthotics, and that was that. For eight years I wore orthotics all over the world with no trouble at all.

Then, about two years ago, I started having trouble finding shoes that felt right. Soon, my foot was hurting around the arch. I went for new orthotics, but they never quite fit. My podiatrist reshaped them, shaved them, cut grooves in them, etc., but the new orthotics never alleviated my symptoms the way my first pair did.

Now, for about six months I've had pretty constant pain. Orthotics do not help me now. I've been stretching a lot for the last six months; I've had two cortizone injections; I've been rolfed three times; I've eaten more antinflammatory drugs than I care to admit; last month, I went to visit Michael Young.

Nothing has helped me yet. Michael Young is incredibly knowledgable, but my symptoms returned within 48 hours of his treatment. He is right to say that my muscles took a long time to get this way, so they'll take a long time to heal.

My pod is now considering ESWT.

One thing I've found bothersome is that the network of professionals I have been dealing with often contradict each other. Several have blamed my orthotics for my chronic symptoms.

Are stretching and ESWT contradictory treatments? Do people ever recover from this problem? How is everyone staying fit without using their feet?

Re: PF: 8 years with no symptoms, and now THIS!

Dr. Z on 4/25/04 at 17:35 (149524)


ESWT is for repair of non-healing plantar fasciitis. NOT in the arch area. The pain is located at the insertion of the pf and you have pain when ever you sit for any length of time and then try to walk, especially in the morning. Stretching is great is done properly.

Re: PF: 8 years with no symptoms, and now THIS!

Matt P on 4/26/04 at 18:58 (149601)

Dr. Z: I have always noted that I don't suffer so much from 'first step' pain, and the pain in my foot originated in plantar fascia, then travelled to my heals within the last few months. The pain travels all ove the foot now, and even makes it up to my lower legs and knees now. Should I be looking for another diagnosis.

Of all the possible causes, the one that seems most likely is short, tight calve muscles and lower leg muscles. Is there another sort of diagnosis I might need to look into?

Re: PF: 8 years with no symptoms, and now THIS!

Susan S on 4/27/04 at 12:31 (149638)

Hi Matt,
I've had PF in both feet for almost 2 years. It's getting a lot better, mainly due to always wearing night splints and tightening the splints as the flexibility increases. I think stretching my feet during the day while sitting at work is important too.

I didn't start wearing the splints or doing any stretching for 6 months after symptoms started, which is probably why it's taking so long.
I take mobic and wear comfortable shoes, but have had no other treatments.

For exercise, I like to climb stairs, preferably near an elevator to go back down. It gets the heart rate up, without having to roll forward on the foot. Public multi-level parking decks can be good, although safety for women might be an issue.

I didn't start getting much better until after I had worn the splints for over 6 months. I think it takes awhile.

Good Luck!