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what model New Balance?

Posted by carolw on 4/24/04 at 18:18 (149493)

Suzanne D gave me great advice about SAS but I have also read a lot about New Balance and am wondering which model is good for walking. I have high arches but pronate when I walk, not when I stand.

Re: what model New Balance?

Carole C in NOLA on 4/24/04 at 22:26 (149500)

Finding the right NB model for you is a much more difficult task than it may sound.

First of all, you may want to limit your options to running shoes, which are supposed to be well made and probably the best for us although they are often more expensive than other athletic shoes.

If you go to the New Balance website, at http://www.newbalance.com , and read about the running shoes you'll find a huge amount of information which you should study and learn as well as you can. Also, the Road Runner website at http://www.roadrunnersports.com , has information on the New Balance running shoes that they carry. They also have comments written by other people who have bought that model, and these are often helpful.

I first bought the NB 852 because some people here (including some of the doctors on the board, at that time) liked that model and thought it was great for PF. So, I went to a running shoe store, for people who run races, and got a pair. They had an expert, but I did not press him for advice when he started telling me what I wanted to hear.. that the 852 was fine for me.

However, it turns out that the 852 doesn't work well for everyone at all, and for me it had too much pronation control and resulted in some strange and (I think) dangerous effects on my gait. After buying them and wearing them for less than an hour, I brought them back and exchanged them for the NB 879 which is a more neutral running shoe. The 879 has the SL-2 last, though, and the SL-1 last on the 852 fits me better. You really can't tell which of those two (running shoe) lasts will fit better on you until you try them, in my opinion.

Anyway, I ended up getting the NB 991 which has the SL-1 last and is fabulous for my feet. It has a whole lot of cushioning which is great for me, but it also has some pronation control for mild pronators. I guess that is what I am, because this shoe works quite well for me. I love the cushioning since it also seems to help my arthritic knees.

I think to figure out which NB shoe would work best for you nearly requires a Ph.D. in shoes (just joking). It is not something that I could tell you, nor can any other PF sufferer or even a doctor unless he has examined your feet. But if you learn a lot and then try one, you can probably tell what's wrong with it (for you), and that will give you a clue as to what one to try next. Or even better, after examining your feet and analyzing your gait, perhaps your Pod can suggest a model for you.

Carole C

Re: what model New Balance? Procare Dealers

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/26/04 at 15:49 (149576)

carol and Carole:
That is why New Balance has designated certain dealers as 'Procare' dealers. Those are individuals/stores that understand the New Balance line, promise to fit patients appropriately and strive to get the 'right' model to those in need.

Re: Link for Procare dealers

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/26/04 at 16:31 (149582)