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what model New Balance?

Posted by carolw on 4/24/04 at 18:20 (149494)

Excuse the cross post but I would like advice on New Balance and Brooks. What models have worked for those of you with high arches that pronate when walking, not standing?

Re: what model New Balance?

Dorothy on 4/25/04 at 03:12 (149506)

Based on the recommendations of some others here, I tried the Brooks Ariel and Brooks Addiction and liked them both very much. Previously, I had been wearing only New Balance. I have high arches and pronation, like your description, although I am not sure about the 'walking, not standing' aspect. The Brooks were great for quite a while, but lately I have gone back to New Balance #992 as it feels better than the Brooks for the time being. Been having some problems lately and something seems to be going on with feet, etc. that is different so that the Brooks seem to constrict across the instep and even hurt a bit. The Brooks do taper a bit more at the toes than the NB 992 which have a 'round', more open toebox area. Also, the Brooks shoes seem to skimp quite a bit on the length of shoelaces which tends to cause you to tighten up too much. Hope all this makes some sense to you. Also, if you are looking for shoes that are non-athletic/sneaker type with your high arch/pronation, you might consider Dansko which I generally find to be very comfortable - but not always. Good luck.

Re: what model New Balance?

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/26/04 at 14:13 (149566)

New Balance makes different models which work better for different types of feet but the overall 'winner' has to be the New Balance 1122 or the leather version, the New Balance 925.


Re: what model New Balance? 1122

BudP on 4/27/04 at 07:18 (149618)

I started wearing the 1122, 3 or 4 months ago and I agree with you. By far they are the most comfortable NB shoe that I've ever had. The only complaint I have is they are the most costly,approx. $130.00. Considering all the money that has went down the drain over the last couple yrs.$130.00 is a drop in the bucket.


Re: what model New Balance? 1122

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/03/04 at 19:15 (149969)

It is about all I wear. My wife cannot figure out why I wear the same shoes to work every day (I wear the 925 -the black leather version of the 1122) -- what can I say?