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Posted by Dorothy on 4/24/04 at 21:41 (149498)

It has been difficult reading here yesterday and today, feeling very sorry to hear Rehka's story of what she has been going through since she posted here some time ago. The very kind and knowledgable people are stepping forward to offer you support and information, Rehka, and prayers and encouragement. So many good people here you can reach out to. I can only add my prayers to those of others, and hope you can sense that people here are caring about what happens to you. I'm also so sorry to hear of the loss of your baby. What a terrible time you've had of late and so much to deal with. Reaching out to the good folks here who have responded to you can be part of better days ahead. Tammie gave such heartfelt understanding and Max K. gave good resources and so much caring and kindness from others. You clearly have a 'comfort zone' available here and I hope that is some help. Keep your chin up and keep looking for ways to get better.

Re: Miscellaneous,important to have and give support

Tammie on 4/28/04 at 00:44 (149685)


There are so many life happenings here that are disturbing to read and heart felt. That is why it is so important no matter what the dx is it is so nice to have support and friendship along with the knowledge of a board! I believe it is why some of thease places are better then others, as the people here who seem to care understand that a (whole)treatment and not jsut the medical end is so important. Meaning in my jumbled head lol friendship and caring responses can be a form of there own medicine!

So many here have that special way to add this to the other end of the knowledge given on the medical side! For that I am extreamly grateful to all who give of thereselves and keep up this part also! Thank you for making this obvious to me! Just because some have moved into different areas of treatment like the RSD the friends here still care and just dont send us away or ignore us.