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Posted by Dorothy on 4/25/04 at 17:00 (149521)

I posted this earlier but not sure you caught it so am directing it to your attention specifically, in answer to your question about the foot chart. You have Carole C. to thank for the chart and Judy B. to thank for reviving it; I just brought it up from the archives here:

Re: two more questions
Posted by Dorothy on 4/25/04 at 03:01
Carole C. originally posted the chart. Judy B. wrote about it again on March 14, 2004 and posted the link for it. The message was: Reply to Message # 146953 and reads:
Posted by JudyB on 3/14/04 at 14:06
Someone here had a chart which I found. I think it's great. It numbers all the areas on the foot.

My foot hurts on area 31 and 32 and sometimes number 62, on the diagram on the left (The one that shows looking at the foot from the bottom).

Also like the writer I also get pain on that purple area, on the side of the foot. What a weird place to have pain, huh?


The link is:
Suzanne's note about it is:

Posted by Suzanne D. on 3/14/04 at 18:23 I remember when Carole C. devised this chart for us months/years ago. It made a lot of sense then, and it still does now. It is helpful in describing to others exactly where pain is located.

Thanks again, Carole!
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Re: cold lazer therapy,dr z plz comment or anyone else

jimmyr on 4/25/04 at 17:23 (149522)

is this a new procedure for pf. i visited a new pod he made an appointment for me. it is 6 sessons all in about 10 days. its done at a pt office. let you know

Re: cold lazer therapy,dr z plz comment or anyone else

Dr. Z on 4/26/04 at 18:24 (149590)

I just received an e-mail ad for this treatment/modality . I would like to read the research/publication if if exists. This may be the same therapy that Pain-Free ESWT clinic in Canada offers. Pain free talks about ESWT in conjunction with laser therapy.