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To retreat or not to retreat...

Posted by goose on 4/26/04 at 12:50 (149558)

Quality of Summer Issue:

I am trying to decide whether or not to have my second ESWT (Dornier Epos Ultra) as scheduled in May. I had one treatment on both feet in December and my feet were quite inflamed and tender for a few months following. While I still have a bad case of PF, it is manageable right now ( tape, ice, tennis shoes, rest, splints). While I KNOW I want to do ESWT again, I'm not sure if I I should risk my summer by being in lots of pain. On the other hand, why not get the treatment now and be on my way to full recovery sooner? I don't know what to do! Any advice?


Re: To retreat or not to retreat...

SteveG on 4/26/04 at 13:56 (149564)

Goose - you could wait to September, especially if you are doing OK now. I am, however, surprised you had that much trouble after the first round. I did not notice much of a difference (if any) initially.

Re: To retreat or not to retreat...

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/26/04 at 14:15 (149567)

Considering the downside to ESWT which is small, I would see more of a benefit by continuing with that.

Re: To retreat or not to retreat...

Dr. Z on 4/26/04 at 16:44 (149584)

If you have seen improvement and it is getting better then wait it out. If you have pain that is interfering with your ability to function then do it now.

Re: To retreat or not to retreat...

goose on 4/28/04 at 08:00 (149697)

Thanks for the advice. I have a few weeks to decide but I will likley do since I have still plenty of pain. I just hope i can still bike and wear sandals once in a while!


Re: To retreat or not to retreat...

Rosemary on 5/01/04 at 21:07 (149882)

last year, at around the same time, I also was considering a second round of ESWT. I also was very sore following the first one and did not want to face the summer months with the same kind of recovery time. I decided to go ahead with the second treatment and was so surprised on how different the recovery was. The night of the treatment I went out to dinner and actualy wore a pair of sandals! I imagine that because I was better going into the second round, I recovered quicker and with much less discomfort. Based on my experience, I would say go for it! Good Luck!

Re: To retreat or not to retreat...

Pauline on 5/01/04 at 21:54 (149894)

Or another explaination might be because you had difficulty with the first treatment maybe the doctor turned the energy level down for your second treatment. I think this too could result in less discomfort.

Either or you had a much better experience and that's what counts.

Re: To retreat or not to retreat...

goose on 5/06/04 at 16:00 (150136)

That is encouraging! How are your feet doing now? I still have two weeks to decide. I keep going back forth but I would hope the second time would go better!