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Archcrafter Custom Sandals

Posted by john h on 4/27/04 at 10:26 (149628)

Last week I received my custom made Archcrafter sandals. They look much like Birk Airizonas. The bed is smooth unlike the Birks. It has no toe grips. They seem to have got the bed just right from the foam casting material they sent me and the sandal fits perfect. The sandal also appears to be a quality product. I have only wore these for about 3 days but at this point they feel as comfortable or more comfortable than the Birk. The bed is softer and the arch support seems perfect. The cost waw around $170 which is not inexpensive but considering orthotics cost over $300 and this is a custom made sandal then the price is in line.It took about 6 weeks to get them after mailing back the cast. You can view both ladies and mens at http://www.archcrafters.com I will report how I like them after a month of use.

Re: Archcrafter Custom Sandals

goose on 4/27/04 at 18:14 (149651)

Hey John,

Happy to hear you are pleased with your pair! If it feels good- wear it! I actually got a pair too, but I am sending mine back. The fit feels weird, like a very big bump under my outer arch and mine ( the Marino) look cheap-kind of like something from Payless. The bed is softer, I agree. I will just use the money to get another pair of Birks which I like better for the price. I thought the Archcrafters would be more stylish than Birks but, they aren't, in my opinion. I guess everyone is different!!

Take care!

Re: Archcrafter Custom Sandals

Richard, C.Ped on 4/28/04 at 16:04 (149725)

I have made custom sandals for my wife. they actually turned out pretty nice. Hmmmm.....

Maybe I will practice a little more.

Re: Archcrafter Custom Sandals

john h on 4/29/04 at 11:13 (149764)

BG: I really like the bed in these sandal as there are no pressure points so even from the foam impression they did a good job. The arch support seems perfectly aligned with my arches. They advised me if I need custom inserts thay can make them from the same impression they now have on file. They offer several styles for both men and women with the highest price one being around $120.00 I will reserve final judgement until I wear these for a month or two but at this point I like them as much or more than my 10 pair of Birks.

Re: Archcrafter Custom Sandals

john h on 4/29/04 at 11:30 (149768)

Goose: As Johnny Cockran would say 'If the shoe fits, wear it'. My bed was a perfect fit but I have not had them long enough to pass judgement. Was your sandal a 'custom' sandal with 'custom fitted bed'? Like any orthotic type bed they can make them wrong. I still love my Birks. I better since I have 10 pair. After a couple of months I will be able to make a better comparison. I wonder how they can refund on custom made sandals? I bet that for ever 100 pair they sell they probably only get 4-5 returns. Most people will not take the time and this is how so many people offer the return policy.

Re: Archcrafter Custom Sandals

Richard, C.Ped on 4/30/04 at 08:14 (149821)

It's Richard, not BG. LOL

Re: Archcrafter Custom Sandals

john h on 4/30/04 at 11:11 (149831)

Richard,BG,Sue,Superman,Wendy I get so confused>