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Posted by MARK L on 4/27/04 at 20:54 (149660)

When are you going to stop promoting problems on this board? Every time I try to be helpful you respond with some viscous attempt at discrediting what I have to say. By the way- what are your credentials that make what you post valid? I don't remember ever seeing a statement from you that adds any credibility to your nasty backhanded posts. If you ever took the time to read my posts you'de find out that I did identify myself.
If I wanted to commercialize this board I would have posted commercial solicitations instead of inviting people to contact me privately. Doesn't Dr Z ask people to contact him at his office and I find that very professional.

Re: TO;pauline

Dr. Z on 4/27/04 at 22:56 (149682)

Must be love !!

Re: TO;pauline

Pauline on 4/28/04 at 08:16 (149698)

I don't think it's love, but difficult not to laugh.