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heel spur????????????????????????????

Posted by paul l on 4/28/04 at 10:11 (149706)

several months i jumped down from my boat on to a dock. the next couple of weeks i noticed my right instep heel was hurting constantly. No bruise no swelling just hurt to the point that it sometimes felt like its on fire. It also aches when i sleep. Sometimes more sometimes less. the more i am on it the more it hurts. bone spur????????????????????????????

Re: heel spur????????????????????????????

SteveG on 4/28/04 at 11:59 (149710)

I am not a doctor, but you need to be looked at by a professional. It could be a fracture. At any rate you need a diagnosis and treatment plan that can't be provided over the web

Re: heel spur????????????????????????????

Richard, C.Ped on 4/28/04 at 16:03 (149724)

Do see a doc Paul. There could be a bad injury there and you not know it.