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I just started wearing my new orthodics.

Posted by Jo B. on 4/28/04 at 19:14 (149740)

Hi Gang!
I just received my new orthodics yesterday late afternoon. I only wore them about an hour & 1/2 today. I will wear them progressively more each day. So far, I couldn't tell a whole lot of difference other than they feel a little different in my shoes. (They sure don't look like about $350. Thank goodness I have health insurance!)

I'm supposed to go back to the podiatrist in about 3 weeks. I'll keep you all updated. Hope you are all doing well.
-Jo B.

Re: I just started wearing my new orthodics.

Karen C. on 4/28/04 at 22:11 (149747)


I hate to be so forward but did your insurance pay for your orthotics? I was told that I would have to pay for them. I have great insurance, wonder if they would pay some!! Hmmmmm

Karen C.

Re: I just started wearing my new orthodics.

Jo B. on 4/29/04 at 13:52 (149781)

Karen, I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance. The doctor told me that I would have to call them to find out if they would cover them. When I called them about it, they said if it was perscribed by my doctor that the insurance should cover their part of it. (Hopefully 85% should be covered.) I'll let you know how much they covered. Hope you get to feeling better.

Hang in there!

Re: I just started wearing my new orthodics.

Karen C. on 4/29/04 at 14:18 (149782)


I'll call my insurance. I have BCBS also.


Re: I just started wearing my new orthodics.

Richard, C.Ped on 4/30/04 at 08:13 (149820)

BCBS is really good about covering orthotics. I did have a person answer the phone one time who said that they did not cover. I told them that I have had it covered every single time in five years, but they insisted that they did not cover foot orthotics. I spoke to the 'higher ups' about this and they said that they still cover.

My point is, if you speak to someone at BCBS who says they are not covered, ask to speak with a supervisor or even the DME department head. Many times, if they do not know the answer, they will just say something to not have to worry about it.

Do some digging.

Re: I just started wearing my new orthodics.

julie on 4/30/04 at 16:09 (149844)

i got my orthodics while on BCBS, and was told i was covered for either one pair of shoes a year, or one pr of inserts.