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A strange heelspur problem or....?

Posted by Per Anders P on 4/29/04 at 08:41 (149753)

I got heelspurs in both my feet 16 month ago. During that time I have been able to walk at the most approximately 300-400 meters (1/4 mile, often much less or none), before I must sit down resting because of the pain in my heels (I spend much more time crawling around, than walking or standing). I´ve tried to rest, a lot of rest, good shoes, orthotics, ultrasound, stretching, tejp, laser, minerals & kalciumoxid, massage, easy training, injections and more (not surgery), nothing helps to start the healing. I can´t walk, cycle, swim or even easy pooltraining for 15 minutes. People with this severe problems usually works standing on there feet all day long, I have a deskjob and spend my day sitting, sleeping and crawling (and desperately trying to do som upperbody-workout to keep my general condition up, I´m also starting to get knee-, neck- and backproblem because of to less movement).
No doctor i have met have seen a person with 'heelspurs' that bad and my feeling is that they usually know much to little in the subject, maybe less medical examination or they do not have enough experience with difficult problems like mine (in Sweden, where I live). At the moment I´m now running my own show with the best help I can find at the moment i.e heelspurs.com.
Anyone that have experience of a case like mine? Can i do anything more...wheelchair.?! Any suggestions, whatever?

Re: A strange heelspur problem or....?

BrianJ on 4/29/04 at 09:12 (149754)

In my opinion, you definitely do NOT want a wheelchair. Your body needs movement in order to stay healthy. I suggest you try taping your feet (read the Heel Pain Book on this site). This will allow you to do normal things (walking, cycling) with little or no pain. You should also look into ESWT, which has cured some people of their heel pain. There is still a lot of controversy about how effective ESWT is, but it's definitely worth considering.

Good luck.

Re: A strange heelspur problem or....?

Peter A on 4/30/04 at 10:48 (149830)

I am not a doctor, but . . . I suggest you use this page, especially Scott's Heel Pain Booklet, to start going in the right direction. There's a lot you can do for yourself: massage, gentle stretching (it's crucial that it be gentle, so that you not re-injure the fascia), use of ice at night or after any use, loosening up in the morning before you get out of bed and start moving (heat, massage, stretches, Julie's Yoga exercises that have been posted here), and putting inserts such as SuperFeet or PowerStep in your shoes. I think you should also consider getting a Night Splint -- this combination might lead to some improvement, although with all cases of Plantar Fasciitis, all progress is slow, taking place over weeks and months, rather than hours or days.

Beyond that you will need to find a doctor who knows about other available therapies, such as ESWT or injections. Surgery. which some doctors who are not skilled with PF want to do right away, should always be a LAST resort, as it is not always effective, and can potentially make your overall condition much worse.

Good luck!