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tts/pf surgery........could this cause Posterior Tibial Tendon Tear

Posted by Linda on 4/30/04 at 08:29 (149822)

I had tarsal tunnel release and fascia release on both feet in 12/01 and 3/02. I never really had full pain relief,and the pain actually got worse. I was just diagnosed with a type 2 Posterior Tibial Tendon Tear in my Left foot. Could this be linked to the tarsal tunnel release,and could my right foot be destined to the same results?
I have had a walking cast for the first 2 weeks,then a non weight bearing cast for 3 weeks,but my foot hasn't gotten any better. The podiatrist says I need surgery and is sending me for a second opinion. He said he wants to make sure this is the right option for my case.
In the meantime,my right foot is killing me. I have pain in my arch,heel,and my toes. I am really worried maybe I have a tear in my right tendon too. Is this something that is seen after tts surgery?