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New Surgical Approach, Part II

Posted by Robert J on 4/30/04 at 13:22 (149838)

Some of you may recall the exchange earlier this month about a new -- or at least different -- surgical approach to PF being taken by an orthopedic surgeon in the Washington DC area. This is the surgery based on the notion that PF is a degenerative injury rather than an inflammatory one, and that the degenerative tissue, which is a tissue causing the pain presumably, can be excised from healthy tissue. The surgeon's name is Dr. Nirschl and he runs a well-known sports injury clinic.

OK, I have now found a reference to a journal article that Nirschl wrote about PF but I have not been able to locate the article itself. I am hoping that some of you are far better at this kind of search and can track down. It's my guess that this article describes Nirschl's surgical approach and discusses his results. Here's the citation:

'Plantar Fasciitis: A New Perspective' by Nirschl P

Re: New Surgical Approach, Part II

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/01/04 at 21:09 (149883)

For anyone who has studied the 'diseased' area of the plantar fascia, particularly via diagnostic ultrasound realize tha one cannot visually separate, normal from diseased tissue so the only thing a surgeon can do is surgically 'thin' or debride the fascia with the hope of a net benefit. It is a highly questionable concept.