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Post op

Posted by Claire on 5/01/04 at 12:43 (149871)

Hello. Anyone had a successful outcome a few months after having the TTS release surgery? i.e. been in considerable pain for a few months after surgery and slowely become pain free? I have the same pain as pre-op and am 6 weeks post op. Thanks.

Re: Post op

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/01/04 at 21:30 (149887)

Nerve tissue heals slowly. It is the most slow healing tissue in the body. One is essentially healing an injury known as a 'neuropraxia' which is a crush injury of the nerve so it can take up to seven months to see final results of such surgery. That being said, I have seen a number of patients state that they can feel a 'differnece' -- not a cure but a positive difference within a few weeks after the procedure.

Re: Post op

Claire on 5/02/04 at 03:57 (149902)

Thanks for responding Ed. I am aware of both of these points, do you have patients that have not felt a positive difference within the first month and have gone on to feel a positive difference?. The particular pain i am experiencing is in the ball of my foot, i had the Mortons Neuroma operation in November 2002 and the main pain is concentrated there, it feels as if it is very bruised in that area and is incredibly sensitive to touch on the bottom and top of my foot (the area just below the 3rd and 4th toe). I've had a ultra sound scan on it which did not show anything.

Re: Post op

chrisb on 5/03/04 at 17:26 (149959)

Claire -
This is not quite an answer to your question I realise. However I also had surgery 6 weeks ago (and like you I think, no mass or lump found). Felt I was doing well until 4 weeks. Then as my numbness decreased heel pain returned, felt very similar to before surgery. Had to use 2 canes for very limited walking around the house and was pretty miserable.
But the past 3 days I've noticed that things are improving a bit. I'm limiting my walking but find I can get by with one cane, or even no cane for 20 yards in the house. After that I sit. Not painless but bearable, and I hope sustainable. I don't know what's going on but wonder if part of it is/was maybe not the OLD heelpain returning but maybe nerves post-surgery sticking and coming unstuck a bit.
What I don't know is when I feel more pain -- does it want me to rest or does it want me to push through it to help the nerves move more freely?
Anyway hope this may be helpful to you to know. We have a long way to go.
By the way, do you have a bump under your ankle bone now that you didn't have before?

Re: Post op

Claire on 5/04/04 at 03:17 (149982)

Hi Chris. Do you know if your surgeon oeprated on the nerve which leads to your heel? Mine did and he found the nerve was teathered against another nerve. The heel pain caused by TTS, as you are probably already aware, is often confused with PF. I would also like to know the answer to your question. Should we push through the pain or rest? I don't really have a great deal of heel pain at the moment, my pain is concentrated in the ball of my foot above the 3rd and 4th toe. I am seeing my consultant next friday so i'll ask him and let you know what he says.

Its good to hear that over the past fews days it has been improving for you. I still have swelling under my ankle bone, i'm hoping this is gradually dying down. Are you sure your bump isn't swelling?

Re: Post op

Mary J on 5/04/04 at 09:26 (149989)

Hi Claire, I had TTS surgery April 9 2004 and the deep tingling persists. It even got worse yesterday, so I am in a quandry. But besides all this, the pain I have in the arch of my foot keeps me from walking. I told him it feels like a tennis ball is under my arch and he says it is from the nerve and should go away. I also have incredible heel pain - under the branch of that nerve that is in the tunnel - and it keeps me from walking as well. He still says that will go away as well. From what I have read, it will take up to a year to see relief from just the surgery. I may go to a nerve specialist to get another opinion as I do not think my Dr knows much about the healing time/problems of this surgery. He is quite good but is young.........If I learn anymore I will let you know. If you learn more as well, please keep me posted too. Thanks...........Mary

Re: Post op

Claire on 5/04/04 at 10:31 (149995)

Hi Mary. I am exactly the same as you, in that my surgeon/consultant is very good, but young and i am also considering asking him to refer me to a nerve specialist. It's so nice to hear from someone having the same doubts etc as myself. You are only 4 weeks post op, i am six weeks and am certainly alot more mobile than i was 2 weeks ago, so hang in there as it is so slow but i def feel better than i did two weeks ago. I had really bad heel pain for about 3-4weeks after surgery too, it has died down a bit now, but still feels very bruised inside. I am seeing my consultant next week so will keep you posted on any updates. Take Care.

Re: Post op

mary l on 5/04/04 at 12:17 (150000)

I had surgery 6 weeks ago. I have no heel pain, just a lot of numbness as before surgery. The side of my foot, including the 2 small toes are still numb. Before surgery all 3 toes were bad, so there is a little progress. My problem is that I can't sit still very long, then I over do it and the foot just aches. Everyone is saying that it takes a long time for the nerves to come back so I am still hopefull and that I show some improvement is a plus. Would appreciate updates from your nerve specialist on what to expect. thanks to everyone and your help in understanding TTS.

Re: Post op

chrisb on 5/04/04 at 16:19 (150026)

Claire I'd thought most of my swelling problems seem had subsided now. but I've been wondering if that bump is an indication that in fact all has not gone down. Sounds like you have a similar bump, anyway, so I guess this is normal at this stage.
Let us know if you get some clarification Friday on resting/not resting.
Are you doing much ankle stretching and flexing?
Thanks for posting, its good to be able to share this stuff.

Re: Post op

Mary J on 5/05/04 at 19:55 (150102)

Dear Mary 1, I went to the Dr today and got my stitches out. I asked him all sorts of questions AGAIN, and I trust his answers, even tho we have had a comunication problem in the past. He says all my symptoms are normal and should go away in 6 months or longer. Average time is 6 months, which means I will be at the other end of the averaging!!!! (The higher end!!) One of my major symptoms is a tight belt feeling around the ankle following reconstructive surgery in November. It is now worse but he says nerves can move around and change and get worse as they are healing. PATIENT he tells me to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My deep tingling which I am on neurotin for he says will probably last at least another month. I also had a decompression of the nerve up at the knee, as he wanted all pressure off the nerves in my foot - I got skin ulcers from that incision and ohhhh are they ugly lil boogers!!!!!!! But they too will heal!! Just cannot take a bath as yet nor use my hot tub for another two weeks!!!!! So chin up girl friend - we shall overcome!!!!!!!!


Re: Post op

Mary J on 5/05/04 at 20:00 (150103)

Hi Claire, I went to the Dr today and got my stitches out - he answered all my questions again!!! He is sooo good about that. I think there was a miscommunication problem before as he was full of answers today that made sense. Average healing time is 6 months, which means I will be on the higher end of that time frame!!!! Tingling should go away in another month or so. (Am on neurontin for that.) My initial concerns were and still are the tight belt like feeling around my ankle that developed after reconstructive surgery in Nov. It got worse two days ago - 3 weeks after the surgery. He says nerves act in very interesting ways, often getting worse before getting better, so not to worry. He is not worried and I trust him. I akso had a decompression done at the knee as he wanted to relieve all pressure from the nerves in my foot - got skin ulcers there!!! Ugly lil boogers they are!! So hang in there girl friend, we will survive this!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary

Re: Post op

Lisa on 5/18/04 at 10:28 (150752)

Hello everyone, its nice to finally find a site where others share your pain. I had my surgery last week. 7 days op. I feel my ankle no better, actually I have more tingling sensations in my foot. My calf muscle is the worse. Does anyone have pain in the calf and was it worse after the surgery. I feel helpless and hopefull.