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Difficulty with Flat Feet

Posted by Tasha on 5/01/04 at 14:55 (149875)


I really need to know if my doctors are doing the right thing to treat my feet problems. I have flat feet and am going on 8 yrs of service in the military. Back in 2001 I went to the doctor after having pins in my heels out of the blue. Since then I never went back until Nov 2003 and my podiatrist has me wearing different othroics since Dec. He just told me to wear a third kind, which he says is softer, but still, I can barely wear them for an hour without pain.

My left foot (balls, arch and heel), ankle, knee and lower back ache constantly. Just last week the doctor told me to get a bone scan? I've complained about pain from day one and NOW they want to do a bone scan?

I have to see another doctor about my knee (which doesn't make sense to me) and for two months he has me taking anti-inflamatory medication, which doesn't stop the pain. He also wants me to do physical therapy, which I started last Friday. The therapy just makes my back, feet and knees hurt more.

My question is this:

1-How long do I have to try the orthotics even though I've been wearing them since Dec and can't even keep them on for a full day without pain?

2-Should I demand an MRI?

3-Since we've tried the orthotics, what's my next option. I feel a lot better when I'm not wearing military boots, could that be the problem too?

Re: Difficulty with Flat Feet

Ed Davis, DPM on 5/01/04 at 21:45 (149889)

Flatness, unto itself does not always equate to a problem. Many times, overpronation which is the excess inward roll of the subtalar joint causes the foot/arch to flatten and is the culprit behind a lot of problems in the area. The question is.... where is the problem really coming from and how is the orthotic dealing with it. Orthotics can be a lot like prescription eyeglasses -- the right prescription is priceless, but the srong one can cuase a lot of trouble.