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:( 5 months post op tts, pf under control, new dx ptt!

Posted by Margie B on 5/02/04 at 11:38 (149904)

Will this struggle ever end? I was doing pretty well recovering from the tarsal tunnel surgery. The plantar fasciitis flared up but got a lot better after a few weeks of stretching and new orthotics. Then a few weeks ago I developed a new pain near my ankle and into my arch.It was agony to walk and I'm back to using a cane again. My pod says it's posterior tibial tendonitis. I'm icing, resting my foot,(seems like I've been doing that for 2 years!) and ordered a lace-up brace. Has anyone who has had the tts surgery ever devoped this type of tendonitis? Any tips on handling the symptoms? Dr.Z or Dr. Davis, I'd be interested in your input too.

Re: :( 5 months post op tts, pf under control, new dx ptt!

lauriel on 5/04/04 at 12:31 (150003)

I had that happen, what really helped me was I went to a massage therapist that special type of trigger point therapy, along with the strectching, icing, etc. It happened because I was not walking right trying ti keep pressure on my foot. It took a a month or two?? this was this time last year, Now my thing thing is geeting my PF feeling better.


Re: :( 5 months post op tts, pf under control, new dx ptt!

Margie B on 5/05/04 at 10:00 (150070)

Thanks for responding. I will look into trigger point massage therapy.
I'm sorry about your struggle with pf. A friend of mine,(fellow teacher) had pf in both feet for over a year and was finally 'cured' with ESWT.
I also had the Ossatron treatment on my right foot twice, then months later developed tts. I believe I had nerve involvement all along with the pf and the ESWT should not have been used from what I've read. I guess it can work for some people and it sure is less invasive than this tts surgery. I appreciate your response and I learn a lot from this board.
Take care.

Re: :( 5 months post op tts, pf under control, new dx ptt!

lauriel on 5/05/04 at 12:23 (150080)

Margie, here is a link to the type of trigger therapy I had done, that tells what it is about. they have done work on my Pf that has helped, but I need to do it more. I will check out the ESWT. Also I had this bulging area of scar tissue that the therapist worked in one treatment and it was gone!

It is covered under my insurance if I get my Dr to write a presscription for it.