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Morton's Neuroma

Posted by pam y on 5/02/04 at 19:11 (149914)

I have been diagnosed with Morton's neuroma. I have had several series of alchol injections. The injections seem to help somewhat, but I'm tryng to avoid surgery. I also wear orthotics. I was wondering if there are any exercises to do to help ease the pain. Thanks!

Re: Morton's Neuroma

Dr. Z on 5/02/04 at 19:42 (149917)


There is a procedure called Cryotherapy. This is a miminial invasive procedure that requires no down time. There is usally immediate relief. The procedure is done in the office. There is no major risks with this procedure.The procedure works exactly like the alchol injections except it obtains a much longer lasting pain relief effect. If you would like additional information with this procedure just e-mail Dr. Z at (email removed).